Smoking and house fires

Smoking - One of the major causes of house fires


Not only our cigarettes bad for our health, but it turns out that cigarettes can harm and even kill you in other ways too. The house fires that cigarettes cause are also the biggest cause of house fire fatalities in the UK.


To blame for this is stray cigarette ash and fallen cigarettes, mixed with alcohol or even lighting up while in bed. This may not seem too bad but just being a bit lax with cigarettes is responsible for one in three deaths caused by house fires.



Stop smoking to prevent house fires


The good news is that house fires caused by smoking are starting to go down, but that still leaves over 18,000 houses a year being burnt down due to cigarettes.


And it’s easy to see how it happens, you are at home after a long day and had one or two glasses of something, and you remember that you left something in the other room. You leave your cigarette somewhere it seems stable, but when you come back it has fallen off. In the vast majority of cases a burn on your table or a bit of ash falling into fabric is the most you have to worry about but rarely it can turn deadly.


This doesn’t just apply to those smokers who light up cigarettes inside, as the red-hot ash from a cigarette can travel a surprisingly long distance. Again the chances of anything happening are small, but it happens enough that 1000’s have died over the last few years due to cigarettes.


To give yourself some ease of mind while smoking inside or outside, there are a few points that you need to follow:


  • One of the most important things is to make sure your home is safe is have a working fire alarm system. If you smoke then smoke alarms should be fitted on every level of your home and tested often to make sure they work.


  • Put it out properly. Make sure that your cigarette has been fully put out before leaving it.


  • Avoid smoking with drugs and alcohol. It is easy to forget while enjoying a glass of wine or a pint of beer about the small things, and a lit cigarette can burn away quite happily for a while on its own.


  • Never smoke in bed. This is the biggest one, as if you are awake than more than likely that you will notice something is amiss before it is too late. However if you fall asleep a fire can start and catch before anyone even notices.


The biggest tip though to avoid a tragedy like this is to stop smoking altogether. By eliminating the cause you can be sure that you are helping yourself and those that live in your house. However if stopping smoking was that easy, the tobacco companies would have been shut down years ago, and that is where e-cigarettes come in.


Using an E-Cigarette


There are some great advantages to make the switch with an e-cigarette starter kit, but for this article the main one is that they don’t have any fire.


As e-cigarettes run on electricity, there is no open flame which can set a fire, and as all SMOKO E-Cigarettes are activated by puffing on them there isn’t any chance of them running while you are out the room.


From a less dire view, e-cigarettes only produce vapour, not smoke, so if you are smoking inside or in bed they won’t make the room and your clothes smell like stale smoke.


 How to look after your SMOKO to ensure the safest way to smoke


If the thought of fires is now in the forefront of your mind, you might start wondering about the safety of e-cigarettes, as a few years ago there was a spate of news articles about e-cigarette batteries.


The good news is that these stories were the rare cases of a few bad coincidences mixing together. The main problem was that the batteries that were the cause of the issues were the biggest, cheapest ones available, attached to systems that weren’t necessarily designed for the batteries.


At SMOKO we don’t sell separate batteries, we use lithium ion batteries which are the same as the batteries in your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. And we keep the voltage low as we focus on quality of the vapour, not the quantity. Because of this our batteries can be small and self-contained, which eliminates many of the problems that can cause issues.


Another bonus is that as all our E-Cigarette batteries are built in, they have already been extensively tested before they are sent out and we know exactly how they work, unlike some vapouriser systems that allow you to add any old battery.


If you treat your SMOKO battery like your phone or your laptop, that is don’t overcharge them, don’t damage them or get them soaked than you will be just fine.


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