3 ½ Year Study Shows That E-Cigs Have No Negative Impact

An interesting new study looked at the difference between vapers who had never smoked before and non-smokers and found no difference.


The new study released by Italian scientists from the University of Catania wanted to see what happened to the non-smoking vapers after 3 ½ years. They then compared the results against non-smokers and found the e-cigarettes had...wait for it….no impact.


The researchers concluded that there were no negative effects of e-cigarettes.


What The Study Said

The purpose of this new study to try and figure out what happens to your body when you vape over the course of years.


They collected together 21 people, 9 people who vape but never smoked and 12 non-smokers. They tested the vapers against the non-smokers and tried to find the difference.


The study went in-depth: comparing weight, blood pressure, heart rate and lung function. Additionally, CT scans of the vapers' lungs revealed no abnormalities, such as signs of COPD or "popcorn lung."


That means that vaping doesn't have any long term effect on your body!


Why Non-smoker Vapers?

But it seems odd that the researchers were looking at people who never smoked but now vape. After all, isn't the point of this study to find out what happens when people vape? Why make it so specific?


The reason that the vapers had to be non-smokers beforehand was the researchers didn't want any lingering effects of tobacco to taint the study.  After all it takes over 15 years for a smoker's body to get back to the same levels as a non-smoker! Even then there can be permanent effects that would have ruined the point of the study.


A side benefit of this study was how difficult it was to actually complete. The authors of this study needed people who had never smoked before but were using e-cigarettes... and they couldn't find them.


As they said it took a long time to find people who fell into this category, which might not of been good for the study but great for disproving the theory of e-cigarettes as a gateway to smoking! 


For those who don't know the gateway to smoking theory is the idea that e-cigarettes will draw non-smokers into nicotine, and then they will move on to smoking. 


This study, through it's issues finding people, show that this just isn't really happening.


Good News For E-Cigarettes

Overall this is great news, as it is yet another study which shows how positive e-cigs can be. Unfortunately the study was a bit limited.


Firstly the study still doesn't prove that e-cigs are harmless over decades, for that we will unfortunately have to wait for another 50 or so years.


The second issue was how small the study was, there were 21 people in total, 9 vapers who had never smoked and 12 non-smokers.


Although it would have been great to see a bigger study with this time frame, this also proves yet again that people are not using e-cigarettes as a gateway to smoking and that using an e-cigarette isn't doing anything to your body, even over the course of years.


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