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3 Of The Best Tasting SMOKO E-Liquids To Help You Quit Smoking With This Autumn

With more people than ever beginning to seriously think about the dangers of smoking, e-cigarettes have become one of the most popular ways of getting away from cigarettes.


E-Cigarettes have a host of practical benefits, from as being 95% less harmful than cigarettes and up to 80% cheaper than tobacco. However what really sets E-cigarettes apart from the other nicotine replacements are the flavours!


Here at SMOKO we normally suggest that you try a tobacco flavour when you are first making the move from cigarettes to vaping. We find that by starting with one of our tobacco flavours it helps smokers get used to vaping easier.


But after you are used to vaping, we suggest you give the whole range of flavours we have available a try! It can be a real game-changer to still be able to get the nicotine your body needs, but not have to taste tobacco anymore. For many these flavours will be not only more pleasant than tobacco but can also help gently wean you off smoking for good.


If you want to try something new as we move into autumn, you might want to look at choosing e-liquid flavours which fit in with the season. But which are the best SMOKO stock to enjoy?



Toffee perfectly sums up that autumnal feeling of dark nights, bonfires and chillier temperatures. It is that sweet treat you have when the frost is covering the ground and you eat it around your steaming breath.


Quitting smoking can be tough and if the normal tobacco flavours aren't cutting it, maybe choosing an e-liquid which tastes awesome and syncs with autumn can help. Our Toffee e-liquid is the ideal flavour for this as the rich, sweet taste is delicious. The Toffee comes in 0.6% and 0.3%, which gives you the choice of how much nicotine you want to take in. The sweet taste can really help with nicotine cravings as well and give you something to take your mind off it when giving up smoking. 



Another superb tasting e-liquid to check out is Coffee. As per the Toffee flavour above, it just sums up what this time of year is about so well. As the nights draw in and it starts to get colder outside this flavour conjures up the idea of holding a warm mug of coffee and watching the leaves fall from inside.


Our Coffee e-liquid gives a smooth hit which will make you feel warmer. Whether you like strong espresso or a milder latte, this is sure to impress. Coming in a satisfying 1.8% strength, it is ideal for all coffee lovers who want an extra kick with their coffee flavour.


Apple Strudel

When we think of the best parts of autumn we think of being cosy from the cold, eating comforting treats and intoxicating scents filling the air. This Apple Strudel liquid captures all this perfectly in one bottle! It tastes like a special treat full of apple tastes and buttery undertones, it is just like the real thing and ideal for when it gets a bit colder out.


The Apple Strudel e-liquid comes in both 0.6% and 0.3% and so you can control how much nicotine you want, but either way we like to think it is good enough to make you forget about smoking altogether if trying to quit. 


Choose the best e-liquids to quit with this Autumn

Here at SMOKO, All three e-liquids we have mentioned today and the rest of the e-liquids we stock are not only great value but also ideal for quitting smoking with this Autumn. After all 1 bottle of 10ml starts at £5, and if you buy 5 bottles or more the price drops to £4 per bottle. 


Though we are proud of all our liquids, it's important to note that any way you can get off cigarettes is good. Though many smokers try and forget, the damaging health implications of smoking are very well known now and it is crucial to stop as soon as possible.


Millions of people in the UK alone have used e-cigarettes to make this easier, and hopefully the e-liquids shown above have got you thinking about making the switch now Autumn is here.

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