The Truth About Vapour

Recently WHO (the world health organisation) released a statement that they want to ban e-cigarettes because they are not sure what the vapour does in second hand form.


The statement says that no one really knows what is in the vapour and they are worried about pregnant women and children. While testing is encouraged the fact that they say that there have been no tests in simply not true.


The Test Proving Vapour Is Harmless

There were in fact a study to try and determine what exactly is in e-cigarette vapour, and the results were extremely positive.


The test was to see what an e-cig could produce with just a machine to produce the vapour, the second test was with actual smokers and e-cig users.


In the first test (with the machine) the vapour contained 2.5 micro-grams per cubic meter of air, and nothing else harmful. The second test found a bit more nicotine in the air, that is 3.3 micro-grams per cubic meter of air.


This test was conducted by a Maciej Goniewicz, a cancer researcher for the Department of Health Behaviour in New York.


But the important part is what the test did not find, no carbon monoxide or any other active ingredients found in cigarette smoke that are really harmful.


A cigarette on the other hand produced 10 times as much nicotine as the vapour, along with a host of other chemicals. On top of that cigarettes produce large amounts ofcarbon monoxide as Goniwicz told Reuters in an interview.


To put the numbers in perspective Dr Micheal Siegal wrote that if a bystander stood in a room full of e-cig users for a straight 8 hours they would have consumed 0.008 of a cigarette. The bystander would have to stay in that room full of e-cig users for over 12 days to breathe in the same amount of nicotine as in one cigarette.


Vapour is MUCH Safer than Smoke

So all this means that the world health organisation is trying to protect people from is 1/1000th of a cigarette.


This of course is not to say that people should start vaping around pregnant women and children! But when standing in a room full of vapours for hours on end means that you receive next to no nicotine then the dangers of second hand vaping seem small.


The danger is minuscule if you compare it to second hand smoke from cigarettes. After all second and even third hand smoke has been shown conclusively to cause cancer, and even in best case scenarios long term respiratory issues.


To compare the two is to truly compare a mountain to a molehill.


So if you have been thinking of making the switch but were worried if vapour was really healthier than smoke hopefully this will help you decide! If you do we have some great deals on our starter kits starting at £9.99!

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