The Timeline of Quitting Smoking

What to expect when quitting, how E-Cigs help

When it comes to quitting smoking, the health benefits are often talked about – but most people find these benefits at best vague. For example it's of course excellent that after 5 years of quitting smoking the chance of having a stroke is the same as a non-smoker... but it doesn't help you put down the cigarette.


To help with that we've put together a timeline of a quitter, to show exactly how you'll benefit from quitting tobacco over time and replacing your cigarette with an E-Cig (which has been shown not to effect you in the same way).


Within the first 20 minutes…

Just twenty minutes into your attempt to quit, your blood pressure and pulse rate will have returned to normal. You're off to a good start!


Within 12 hours of quitting

Your blood oxygen and carbon monoxide levels will be at normal levels.


Within 24 hours of quitting

Many people experience anxiety or some form of withdrawal when they're quitting. It's normal for these anxieties to peak within twenty-four hours of quitting, and they might stick around until about two weeks into the process. These can be avoided by using e-cigarettes to get the nicotine your body wants, without the 4000 other chemicals.


Within 2 days of quitting

Your clever body will already be re-growing any damaged nerve endings, and if you've lost your sense of taste or smell, you might notice them starting to return around this time – a tangible benefit for those who love food!


Within 3 days of quitting

You will notice that your breathing is becoming less laboured, especially when you exercise (which can really help when you quit)


Within 1 week of quitting

Around this time, you'll experience some 'cue-induced' cravings. If you see someone smoking on the television, or catch a whiff of cigarette smoke, for instance.


E-cigarettes are great for this, you still get the feeling of smoking and the nicotine but don't have to drop off the wagon.


Within 10 days of quitting

Your cue-induced cravings should now be decreasing in regularity and becoming much weaker.


Within 2 weeks of quitting

If you can keep it up beyond this point, there's a high chance you'll successfully quit. By this time, the blood circulation in your mouth is returning to its normal state.


Within 4 weeks of quitting

You'll no longer be experiencing aggression linked to quitting (and a sigh of relief will be had by all your friends and family) – now the real health benefits kick in!


Within 8 weeks of quitting

Your insulin resistance will now be back to normal levels – great for those who are at high risk of diabetes.


Within 3 months of quitting

Three months in and your lung function will have improved, and you'll already be at lower risk of having a heart attack.


General circulation will also have improved, and if you were coughing or wheezing while smoking, these symptoms will have died out.


Within 9 months of quitting

The cilia in your lungs are starting to regrow, and you'll benefit from increased energy levels as your body is able to get the correct amount of oxygen.


Within 1 year of quitting

What a milestone!


If you've made it to a year without smoking, your risk of heart disease, a heart attack or a stroke will have substantially decreased.


On a side note, you will probably have saved thousands of pounds by now, simply by ditching cigarettes and it's time to treat yourself!


Within 5 years of quitting

Your risk of a stroke, a haemorrhage or diabetes is now at the level of that of a non-smoker.


Within 10 years of quitting

Your risk of developing all types of cancer is now dramatically lower – this goes for lung cancer, as well as cancer of the mouth, throat and pancreas.


Within 15 years of quitting

You're practically a non-smoker!


Your risk of developing any smoking-related illness will now be around the same level as that of someone who has never smoked.


So there you have it, the timeline to how your body recovers from cigarettes, and as we mentioned e-cigarettes can help immensely to get you to that 15 year mark. From keeping your nicotine addiction at bay to stopping you from reaching for an actual cigarette, e-cigarettes can help you break old habits and become healthier in the process!


So if you want to start on the timeline of quitting why not try one of our starter kits?

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