Though we have been lectured on bad effects of smoking for over forty years, the sorrowful truth has yet reached the ears of all smokers. Far worse, as thousands of folks take up smoking every year, a lot of them even before they turn twenty-one, this addiction is far from being cured.

First, let's discuss what you will not get from smoking. First off, it's not nice. The first relaxing consequences of nicotine wear off shortly after you start smoking, leaving you with nothing except a costly habit. Then, it doesn't help improve your image. You can feel more adult, but yellow teeth and dog breath make you look sick instead of "macho".

The Awful Truth

First of all, you should understand the size of the problem. Almost half-million folk die every year because of smoking, mainly due to lung cancer and other breathing issues. The ciggie smoke contains over 4000 harmful chemical compounds, just about a hundred of them are known to fire cancer. In other words, we are willingly performing mass murder on ourselves - and we even pay for the possibility of getting killed!

Respiratory issues are only a top of an iceberg. Smoking is also known for inflating the chance of a stroke and heart sicknesses even if you are only a causal smoker. It is getting worse if one has received exposure to the ciggie smoke when one was a child. One of the lesser known effects of second hand smoke is there's a good chance of developing grim asthma and allergies as well as nose, throat and ear infections. While these conditions don't usually kill, they may change a happy life into a nightmare - only because folks needed to take a puff from time to time.

Another problem is the condition of youngsters. If a woman smokes during pregnancy, or if she spends a lot of time around smokers, the child will generally develop heart issues and smaller lungs. To inform the truth, this is not even a chance, but a certainty. Those youngsters who reputedly don't suffer from such issues had a potential of becoming intensely healthy athletes. They lost that chance only because their mums breathed fag smoke.

That's still not all...

Smoking doesn't only kill us. It also makes us ugly.

First of all, smoking is affecting the color of your teeth, marking them yellow or brown. This makes dental cleaning every year a must. However, the gum issues that develop shortly after are not so simply disposed of. Cigarette smoke prevents gums from receiving all necessary nutrients, making them weaker and eventually resulting in inadequate periodontal support for your teeth.

Change of color however, is only the 1st sign of coming issues. For every 10 years you smoke you lose on average 2-3 teeth (depending on what gender you are) . Other dental issues are also unhappy fact, particularly that smoking slows down the healing as as inhaling the smoke prevents blood from circulating openly in the gums and mouth. Effect? Every extraction bears a real risk of the so-called dry-socket - a week of excruciating pain and great danger of infection. The chance is carried by both first- and used smokers (though the second are in slightly better position).

This does not really need anything else, but we guaranteed the whole truth, and there's one other thing about smoking you must now : the damage it does to your physical appearance. As nicotine has negative effect on the usefulness of your circulation, your skin and hair suffer first when the nutrients don't arrive there in giant enough quantities. The skin changes color into a paler and duller shade, and hair start breaking and getting thinner. The effect takes a few years, so many smokers don't attribute their hair issues to smoking, but in truth the only reason for hairs breaking ups is the Marlboro smoke.


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