The Shocking E-Cig Facts Which Have Been Twisted

The truth behind Electronic Cigarette statistics

Over the past few years, e-cigarettes have been at the centre of continuous controversy, with some claiming they are as bad as cigarettes, and others like Public Health England find that they are 95% less harmful than cigarettes!


To clear up the confusion, we've gathered up some of the most shocking e-cig "facts" and determine whether or not truth have been twisted…


E-liquids are unhealthy and unnatural

One of the biggest accusations the e-cigarette industry has fallen victim to are that e-liquids are just as toxic and carcinogenic as tobacco.


While not all e-liquids are created equal, brands such as SMOKO craft e-liquids from pharmaceutical grade ingredients that only contain 4 ingredients, all of which have been proven safe. So E-cigarettes do not contain the 4000 chemicals in a cigarette or the 50 known carcinogens!


The only ingredient that could be considered bad is nicotine, and that is the only reason that you smoke!


E-cigarettes cause cancer

A recent report published by Portland State University claimed that people who used vaporisers on high voltage mode were 15 times more likely to get cancer than long-term smokers.


The researchers claim this is due to the release of formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic. While this may be true, the report was extremely misleading. In fact, nobody vapes at high voltage due to the unbearable taste. The study over heated the liquid so much that is burnt, which an e-cigarette user would and could never do.  When vaping at a normal voltage, no formaldehyde was detected which kind of renders their research void.


Everything in moderation we say!


E-cigarettes contain nicotine and are therefore just as bad as tobacco

Another key criticism of e-cigarettes is the fact that they contain nicotine. This leads people to believe that they are just as bad as their tobacco counterparts.


Yes, most e-liquids do contain nicotine, however this is simply an alkaloid found in plants. Inhaling nicotine through an e-cigarette comes with none of the harmful effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes as they do not contain all the other nasty chemicals that come with smoking normal cigarettes.



Vaping doesn't help smokers quit

Due to the fact that some e-liquids contain nicotine many critics maintain that vaping doesn't help smokers to quit, it simply switches their source of nicotine.


It is important to understand what the definition of “smoking” is and what it means to “quit smoking”. If “quit smoking” means the removal of the elements that lead to the vast array of diseases caused by smoking, then removing the tar, tobacco, lead, formaldehyde, arsenic and other cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarettes would constitute quitting smoking. If the consumption of nicotine on its own is still classified as smoking, then the definition of smoking cigarettes vs. the consumption of other alternatives that contain nicotine is very skewed.


Yes, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and classified as a toxic poison, but it is also considered as a stimulant that is a natural by-product of many plants. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention “the fatal human dose has been estimated to be about 50–60 mg”. For most people who are using an e-cigarette in a responsible manner, they would never come close to these lethal consumption levels.


The reality is that quitting is no simple process. It can take years on end for smokers to give up entirely. For those who do want to quit the habit entirely, e-cigarettes are an effective way for to manage cravings, without falling off the wagon. Over time, the idea is that e-cigarette smokers can switch to non-nicotine e-liquids, then nothing at all. Coupled with willpower and self-motivation, humans can change any habit.


Furthermore, e-cigarettes are not necessarily designed as a cessation device to “quit smoking” in the traditional sense but rather as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.


They’re condemned by health organisations

This is just not true. With Public Health England has stated time and again that e-cigs are much better than smoking, and the NHS even suggests them as a alternative to smoking!


Also plenty of GPs and other healthcare groups do consider them as a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco. For example, the London Royal College of Physicians says that “on the basis of available evidence, the RCP believes that e-cigarettes could lead to significant falls in the prevalence of smoking in the UK, prevent many deaths and episodes of serious illness, and help to reduce the social inequalities in health that tobacco smoking currently exacerbates.”


Furthermore, Action on Smoking and Health UK (ASH) states that “Electronic cigarettes are proving more attractive to smokers than NRT, while providing them with a safer alternative to cigarettes.”


Did we bust any of your e-cigarette concerns? Always remember, most reports and articles are written with a clear bias in order to support someone’s desired results or cause. How does the old saying go….”don’t believe everything people tell you”.


So if you want to make the switch to a healthier and cheaper alternative try one of our starter kits today!

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