The Hidden Costs And Annoyances Of Smoking


We all know that smoking is expensive, but few realise how much it really cost you to be a smoker.


It's not only the actual cigarettes but all those hidden costs which come from smoking.  We've already gone in depth into the cost of buying cigarettes, but this time we are going to look into the hidden costs of smoking.


How Much Cigarettes Cost 

Firstly lets recap how much cigarettes actually cost. For most people a normal pack of cigarettes are going to cost around £8 or even more if you smoke expensive ones, and that is only for a pack of 20. On average smokers use 16 cigarettes a day according to recent studies, that's £6.40 a day, so £45 a week.


In a year that is £2,340. That is a huge amount of money and that's just the up front cost! And we took the conservative estimates, if you smoke a bit more than average or use a more expensive brand the yearly cost can really skyrocket


Smoking in most people's mind is a fairly simple vice, all you need is the cigarettes and the lighter and away you go, and when people look a the cost they focus on the above numbers (which are pretty big), but what about the lighter?


The Simple Costs

For many smokers the following situation is an annoyingly regular one, you are outside in the cold and someone asks to borrow a lighter, you kindly offer yours and that is the last time you ever see that lighter. Lighters also seem to have a life of their own and can and will disappear down the back of the sofa, never to be seen again. Or  if you somehow do manage to keep hold of it then it is still going to run out eventually. If it is one of those disposable ones it's annoying, but they are only 50 pence or so does it really matter?


But think how many times that happens in a year, almost a hundred times maybe, that would be a minimum of £50! This isn't even taking into account the more expensive lighters like Zippo's which can cost anything up to £50 on its own, and which you have to refill.


If you are a roll up smoker you might be saying that this isn't so bad, but what about your filters and paper? When you work out how much it costs to smoke do you figure in all the filters you've dropped or the paper that was left in your pocket as got soaked?


Whatever you smoke remember that these accessories are vital to your vice, but are rarely added onto the cost.


Cleaning the Smell Away

Another of the hidden costs is what the smoke does to everything you own, as smoke gets everywhere.


As a smoker you are going to have to clean everything so much more then a non smoker, starting with clothes. The clothes you wear will stink of smoke even after only a couple of cigarettes, prompting more washes, but even clothes that you have not even worn yet can gain that distinctive smell.


And if it is something like a fancy coat or your best dress that is going to have to go to the dry cleaner, and even just a couple of trips a year will start to add up.


After a while the smell just doesn't leave, giving you the choice, throw away that amazing t-shirt you love or constantly smell slightly of smoke. And while you may think the excuse to buy more clothes is great, your bank account won't.


Getting Rid of the Stains


A fact of life for smokers is that smoking stains everything, not just those new clothes you have had to buy, the wall around you which you will have to paint again but also your body too.


A smoker then has another fun choice, have stained hands and teeth or start spending on beauty products. You can now get special toothpaste to help smokers but this is yet more added cost that is entirely because of cigarettes. A little known fact about smoking is that it causes spots, so unless you want to be reminded of your teenage years again the acne cream or concealer will also added to the growing bill.


But the cost of all these beauty products is just dealing with the surface level problems that cigarettes cause, you also have to pay for what they do to your insides as well.


Health Care Costs

This article isn't about the health impacts of smoking, but all those health issues can hit your wallet as well. Firstly as a smoker you will be be ill more often then the average non-smoker, taking on average 8 days more sick days then normal. Next are the small things like medicine that you will have to buy to help you get through those extra sick days.


One of the biggest costs in regard to health are the glasses as smoking can cause degradation of the eyes.


And if you are lucky enough not to need glasses yet, let me tell you they are amazingly expensive. You will also need to change your prescription every couple of years as well, as your eyes will continue to degrade. So even an average pair of frames and lenses will put you back £200 - £400  for a pair, and you will have to buy new ones every couple of years (or whenever you sit on them).


With all these health issues then is it any surprise that a smokers health and life insurance is so much higher then a non smoker? On average a smoker will pay about 15% - 20% more for health insurance, and in some cases even car insurance, which (apart from the car insurance) seems fair as as smoker is going to be going into hospital much more then a non-smoker.


As a smoker then you are not only paying for the actual cigarettes, but all the hidden costs that smoking causes, and they really add up.


That's what so great about E-Cigs, literally none of these issues apply, you can't lose a lighter or filters because you won't need one, none of the health issues happen when you use E-Cigs, there is no smoke to ruin everything and you will only need beauty products to make yourself look even more attractive then you normally do!


So check out our starter packs today and see how much money you can save yourself!


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