The Facts On How E-Cigs Are Helping And How It Could Help In The Future


In today's article we are looking at some facts about the e-cigarette, and how the e-cig is helping. So here are some of the less common facts about the effect that e-cigarettes have had, and what they could have in the future.



  • "If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save five million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize." - Prof. J Britton, Royal College of Physicians



It has been stated by a professor called David Nutt that the invention and spread of e-cigarettes is the "greatest health advance since the vaccine". Now this is a big claim, but when you think that this technology has the ability to stop people from smoking, without making them give up nicotine, the e-cig could literally save millions of lives.



  • Although smoking prevalence fell dramatically during the final decades of the 20th century, it slowed, and all progress stopped around 2008. There has been no progress at all in recent years. In many countries such as the UK, prevalence has remained static at around 20% of the adult population for many years. - ONS, UK official statistics



Smoking has been known to damage and kill people for years now, so now the current generation can't simply be scared of cigarettes like the previous one had been. Scare tactics simply do not work when you know beforehand that this product is going to kill you, instead it becomes part of the product.



  • There are now over 2.5 million people using E-cigarettes now



That is now 2.5 million people who are not smoking, and by any stretch of the imagination that is a good thing, so where scare tactics and abstinence only methods have stalled in the last 5 years, the e-cigarette has succeeded.



  • All the ingredients can either be found in food!



Every ingredient in our e-cigarettes can be found in the food you eat, and each ingredient has been tested and proven to be harmless to humans.



  • Doctors are now suggesting e-cigarettes to smokers, in a new push for "harm reduction"



In June 5th 2013 the UK health service clinical guidance organisation, NICE, published ground-breaking advice to the medical profession. It included the important advice for doctors that tobacco harm reduction is supported; that nicotine is relatively harmless and is not associated with cancer; and that doctors may unofficially recommend e-cigarettes if that seems the best option.



  • Nicotine is by itself is like caffeine, a mild stimulant
  • Nicotine is a normal ingredient in the diet, Everyone consumes it, everyone tests positive for it, no person has ever tested negative for nicotine, in any of the large-scale clinical trials that looked at nicotine presence in the population
  • No one can be shown to have ever been harmed by dietary nicotine



Nicotine then is not harmful to you, it has been compared to caffeine in effectiveness and everyone has some in their body. It is not the nicotine that is bad for you in tobacco, but all the carcinogens and chemicals.


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