SMOKO Rated Best E-Cigarette


Today SMOKO is proud to announce that we have been voted the best e-cig on yet! An E-cigarette website E-Cigarette-UK has recently had the chance to review us, on their website we beat out competitors such as Blue cig and Vipe, scoring an almost perfect 9.7 out of 10.


One of the biggest points the review stated was our verity of flavours, and how they were made. Here at SMOKO we  really are proud of of our pharmaceutical grade liquids, which are all made in the UK. and so it is great to see when all our hard work pays off. The review was glowing on almost all fronts, but the most praised were out liquids.


" The experience was fantastic, the taste of the original flavor that came with the metal case reminded us of a little bit like smoking a Marlborough. We also managed to try the Apple and Virginia Rolling and these were very tasty indeed"
Throughout the whole article in fact SMOKO is praised for its flavours, and they didn't even try our newest flavours! They tried our traditional ones and in the end they gave our flavours another 9.7 out of 10.


We got great marks all through the review, including the look of our case, calling it "stylish and simple". A matter they didn't talk about though was how the tin can be used even after you receive the starter pack. It was designed to be small and portable and look good while doing it too. It lets you carry a battery and cartridges in style, and makes sure that you don't lose a cartridge to the black hole which can be your bag.


In fact all of our equipment was praised, the reviewer made special note of our battery classifying it as the "best weighted e-cigarette" they have yet to review.
Our customer service was given high marks as well, they commented on the fact that it was next day delivery as we try to get any order we receive posted that day.
They also pointed out that we send out samples out with each order made online.


The reviewer got banana that time, but our aim at SMOKO is that all our customers get to try all our flavours, after all how will you ever know if you like Mint Breeze if you never try it?


Finally when it came down to scoring all the different aspects of SMOKO we received noting below 8.9, with the average being 9.5!


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