Legislation Against E-Cigarettes Drives 70% Back To Cigarettes

The issue of whether to classify the e-cigarette as a tobacco product has been in the news lately, with people claiming it would be safer, the problem with this however is that it essentially kills the e-cigarette industry. This isn't hyperbole either, as Spain so aptly shows.

Spain has recently passed a new law that states that e-cigarettes as a "tobacco product", and as such has banned them from public places. It has been reported that over 70% of e-cigarette users in Spain then has stopped using e-cigarettes and have moved back to cigarettes.


Added to this is the Spanish government have claimed that there are carcinogens in e- cigarettes (which is has been proven not to be true) and you have a government that seems to be actively against the e-cigarette industry.

With the thousands of people going back to cigarettes the government has all but sentenced a not insignificant part of its population to health problems and an early death. We all know why smoking is bad for you, but for many people now there is no way to buy electronic cigarettes they are left with only one option.


People who had given up tobacco are almost forced back to tobacco, or else onto the black market. Rather than focus on tobacco then the Spanish government have done nothing but stop any other avenue for smokers, after all switching is much easier then patches but it is still a change, and us humans do not like change.

It also has harmed people in a perhaps more visceral way, that is it has lost Spain thousands of jobs as over 3000 shops are either shutting down or near that point.
The worst thing about this then is that it only helps the cigarette industry, it does not help the public as now there are more smokers, as e-cig users simply find it easier to move back to cigarettes.


The decision to legislate e-cigs as a cigarette has directly hurt the public's health with more smokers around, lost people jobs and just put more money into the cigarette industry's pocket, something that they really do not need.

Britain has yet to take this route and so the health and money benefits are still available to British and international customers, so if you would like to make the switch, pick yourself up a starter kit.

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