A Price Comparison of UK E-Cigs and Vapourizers

When vapourizers were first sold they were big, bulky, and always broke and leaked.Since then they have developed into almost two separate devices, the e-cigarette and the vapourizer.

For those who don’t know the e-cigarette is normally a small cigarette shaped device like this. It will have a less powerful battery and refills which contain the nicotine. Vapourizers on the other hand are usually bigger; boxes shaped, are manually filled with liquid and have a more powerful battery.

For the smoker thinking about making the switch it can be a difficult choice. Today then we are comparing one of the more important aspects of this decision, the price!

To do a proper comparison we had to look at the price difference between a vapourizer and an e-cigarette, and how much it costs for a month.

For the comparison we chose a popular box mod vapouriser by Kangertech called the Kanger Topbox Mini Starter Kit. We then compared it against our own starter kit saw how much it all really cost you.

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We have tried to show the full pricing at the time or writing but prices can change over time.


The Initial Price

The first thing you have to buy if you want to start vaping is the starter kit. This will have what you need to get started.

Vapourizer E-Cigarette
Vapourizer Starter Kit = £51.99 SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit = £9.99
Vapourizer Battery = £8 Battery Included
Total = £59.99 Total = £9.99


Straight off you can see the difference in price, with the vapourizer being a much bigger investment.

Vapourizers are complicated pieces of hardware, meaning that they are much more expensive. With the vapourizer you receive the main box, the tank and a bottle of liquid as well, though you do not receive the battery, which is £8 extra (more if you want a higher voltage one).

Meanwhile the e-cigarette is simple, a battery, a USB to charge the battery and two refills as well. This means you can take it out of the case and use it straight away.


The Extras

Once you've bought your starter kit you will want to get the extras. These are the things that you will either need or will just make your vaping experience that bit easier.


Vapourizer E-Cigarette
Extra Battery = £8 Extra Battery = £8
Extra Tank = £15 No Tank Needed
Coils (5 pack) = £8.99 No Coils Needed
Total = £31.99 Total = £8


With both the e-cigarette and the vapourizer a second battery is always useful, after all nicotine cravings don't wait for your battery to finish charging!

The tank is optional but if you want to have two flavours on the go at the same time you will need an extra tank. After all you can't take liquid out of a tank once you have poured it in.

You will eventually have to get a new tank anyway as they will either break through wear and tear (you are carrying this around with you all day). Or if they are not cleaned properly they can build up e-liquid residue. With tanks we had to be careful to choose one that has less than 2 ml capacity as anything more would be against the new TPD laws coming in on e-cigarettes.

Coils are a must if you buy a vapourizer, they are what heat up and create the vapour from the e-liquid. A coil will last about 2 weeks, less if you use it a lot. They will need changing regularly to get the best flavour out of your vapourizer. Also the higher the voltage you use the quicker you will burn through your coil.

These are not issues for e-cigarettes as you don't have coils or tanks with the e-cigarette. And if you want to swap flavours you can simply swap the refill with no mess or fuss.

As you can see the price difference is huge again between the vapouriser and the e-cigarette. This is because you need much more hardware for a vapourizer which all costs money.

The Nicotine

After you've decided what to buy you need to get the most important part of all... the nicotine. This is after all the reason you made the switch in the first place!

What we've done is an estimate of what a vapourizer user and an e-cigarette user would use in one month.


Vapourizer E-Cigarette
8 x Bottle of E-liquid £5 = £40 4x Box of E-Cigarette Refills = £40


We found that choosing a bottle of E-liquid for this comparison was surprisingly difficult.

A lot of E-liquids out there are Chinese made (unlike ours which are UK made) and are made cheaply and below the legal standard. Soon these types of liquids will not be available to buy. This meant we couldn't use really cheap bottles of liquids as they will soon be out of stock.

Each bottle lasts roughly about 4-5 days, so we chose 8 bottles as the minimum number that you would likely need for a month.

We then chose 4 boxes of refills as the average e-cigarette user goes through about 1/2 to a full refill a day, and so 4 boxes covers most people. The prices are averages as well, as the price on refills can change due to bulk discounts/weekly deals. For example one of our most popular discounts is 10 boxes for £90 with a free battery. This comparison also doesn’t include the weekly deals we do on refills.

Bear in mind that due to larger voltages in vapourizers they will produce more vapour and so use more liquid. E-cigarettes will produce less but more consistent vapour due to the fixed lower voltage of the battery.


The Final Price

So after buying the initial starter kit, the extras and enough nicotine to last you a month you get this:

Vapourizer E-Cigarette
Vapourizer Starter Kit = £51.99 SMOKO E-Cigarette = £9.99
Vapourizer Battery = £8 Battery Included
Extra Battery = £8 Extra Battery = £8
Extra Tank = £15 No Tank Needed
Coils (5 pack) = £8.99 No Coils Needed
8 x Bottle of E-liquid £5 = £40 4x Box of E-Cigarette Refills = £40
Total = £131.98 Total = £57.99


As you can see there is a huge difference price wise, over double in fact!

This is because vapourizers are made of lots of component parts and are more complicated by design.  Parts on vapourizers always need changing and replacing.

E-cigarettes on the other hand are simpler and so have less to worry about (and buy). All you need to change is the battery after a few months as it will wear down due to use.

If price is the motivating factor for you then the e-cigarette is the way to go. At £9.99 it has a much easier start-up cost and due to vapourizers using more liquid then an e-cigarette even the price difference between a bottle and a box of refills is reduced to almost nothing.

So if you would like to make the switch from smoking to a healthier and (much) cheaper alternative then click here and see how much you can save!


About SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes

SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes is the UK’s leading brand of e-cigarettes.  Since starting in 2012, SMOKO has helped prevent the use of over 100,000,000 cigarettes. We have also helped our customers save over £32,500,000 in extra disposable income.

SMOKO E-Cigarettes contains only the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients which have been Made in the UK. The majority of e-cigarette brands sold in grocery and convenience stores, petrol stations and on-line use Chinese-made ingredients.

SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes contain only 4 ingredients vs. the 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes.

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