How Electronic Cigarettes Can Help Boost Your Fitness

Smoking tobacco is (unsurprisingly) terrible for your health and fitness. It's more than your limited lung capacity, smoking stops muscle growth and damages your heart.


This week we look at how cigarettes hurt your fitness, and how e-cigarettes can help!


Effect of Smoking On Exercise and Fitness

Before we mention anything else we have to talk about the odvious victim of smoking, the lungs. 


Smoking decreases your lung capacity, which causes a smaller volume of oxygen to reach the bloodstream. This lack of oxygen means less to spread around the body. The chemicals in cigarettes do the most damage, with chemicals like tar effectively clogging the lungs. 


Smoking is in fact the single biggest cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – a term covering for a number of conditions like emphysema and chronic bronchitis. 


Smokers also typically have a faster heart rate, suffer from poor circulation and experience shortness of breath more readily. These affects are partly a side effect of the presence of carbon monoxide, depriving organs of the oxygen needed to deal with the increased pressure of exercise.


What’s more, smoking tobacco can also decrease your muscle strength, as less of that precious oxygen is getting to them and so the muscles don't work at full capacity.


Smoking not only decreases your lung capacity so you have to breathe harder while exercising, it also makes you heart pump harder. Both of these make exercising properly much more difficult!


And even if you manage to exercise as well as a non smoker, you won't get the same benefit as smoking actively makes you weaker!


How E-cigarettes Can Help With Fitness


Quitting smoking then can dramatically improve your fitness levels, particularly cardiovascular performance, within just a few short weeks.


However completely cutting out nicotine is extremely difficult, perhaps one of the harder things many of us will do. This is why the two most popular New Year's resolutions, going to the gym and quitting nicotine, fail! It's hard enough to start going to the gym, add being deprived of nicotine and it becomes almost impossible.


There is another option though, and that is swapping the cigarettes for e-cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes are much better for your health and fitness as they don't have the harmful chemicals that cigarettes do. E-cigarettes only include 4 chemicals, with 3 of the chemicals already approved by FDA as safe and the other being nicotine!


In fact, Public Health England has stated that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes. They don't clog up your lungs and you can actually breathe again, as some of our customers have said.


Switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes is the smart move if you are aiming to improve your health and fitness as it can offer significant benefits in all walks of life. This is true whether you are training for a special event like a marathon or simply want to be fitter in general.


Since e-cigarettes don't burn, contain tar or other carcinogens, they do not greatly reduce lung function or coat the smoker's lungs in tar. This alone helps improve fitness levels because lung capacity will increase, allowing for more oxygen to get into the body and carbon dioxide to get out.


E-cigarettes also don't harm the heart and poison your body, so you can start to heal the damage caused by cigarettes.


How long the positive effects of switching from tobacco to vaping will of course vary from person to person. Those that have smoked for long periods of time will take longer to clear all the tar and other chemicals from their body's.


But the good news is for people wanting to quit for fitness is exercising can also help lower nicotine intake!


If you’ve switched to vaping and then try and lower the amount of nicotine you’re consuming daily, exercise can ease the withdrawal symptoms. It’ll boost your mood, lower stress levels and help you suppress the urge to light up.


Obviously the best this to do it to quit cigarettes and nicotine altogether, but using SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes is a fantastic alternative compared to cigarettes.


So if you are trying to get fit and smoking is hold you  back try one of our starter kits today!


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