How e-cigarettes can save you money

Thinking about making the move to e-cigarettes? Well, you aren’t the only one. More and more people are choosing to buy e-cigarettes rather than their normal packets of rolling tobacco. As well as the well-documented health benefits of e-cigarettes, did you know that it is likely to save you money too?

Over half the current number of people who use e-cigarettes were ex-smokers, and this number is increasing all the time. Both the health benefits and the financial savings are the most common reasons why people switch – our experts are here today to discuss the financial side.


Low set-up costs

Buying an e-cigarette doesn’t have to be expensive. While there are many different brands available, all with different styles and functions, e-cig starter kits can be bought cheaply. At Smoko, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best value product based on their needs, and have many e-cigarette deals too. Don’t get ripped off by other sellers, come to us directly!


Vape refills are cheap

Vape refills, or the liquid which contains the nicotine, are cheap to buy, certainly cheaper than packets of cigarettes. Also, the amount of liquid you use on a daily basis is negligible too, so you don’t have to fill up regularly. If you find yourself using a lot of liquid, talk to us and we can advise you – one of the most common reasons is that people are smoking too much because the nicotine strength isn’t high enough for their tastes.


No worries about cigarette butt fines!

People often drop their cigarette butts in the street. While this is not ideal, most smokers have done it once in a while. However, there are many city officials who will issue an on the spot fine for littering if you have done this, which can be incredibly expensive. E-cigarettes just go back into your pocket when you are done, removing this problem forever.

At Smoko, we offer the best electronic-cigarette deals. For more information about our products, or for expert advice, take a look at

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