E-cigs 'Greatest Health Advance' Since Vaccines

To many this seems like a stretch, but to Professor David Nutt, the former government drugs advisor it is just common sense.


His full speech can be found on the BBC here where he explains why trying to stop the spread of E-cigarettes is harming the smoking community.


In a previous article we have shown that smoking a cigarette can take as much as 11 minutes of your life each time you smoke, and not even counting the effects of second and even third hand smoke, which can hurt weeks and even months after the actual cigarette is smoked.


It has also been shown that the e-cigarette can help people quit, and is in fact more helpful then nicotine patches that are specifically designed for that purpose. Even if people don't quit with the e-cigarette it still has no harmful chemicals like arsenic or cyanide like the cigarette, and feels more natural to many people too.


The e-cigarette doesn't have all the carcinogens that cigarettes have and the only harmful thing in them is nicotine, which by all accounts has the same kind of effect on the body as caffeine.


In this light then maybe the quote doesn't seem so huge, for every person who switches years could be saved, and those around you can be spared second hand smoke (as well as the smell!)


So if you're a smoker and want to make the switch to a healther (and cheaper) alturnative then try one of our starter kits a try! 


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