There has been a great debate going on recently about how e-cigarettes are going to normalize smoking, making it look cool and encouraging people to smoke. Today we are looking into the argument, to see if there is any basis for this fear.

The argument at its heart is odd one,  as even the most ardent of anti- smokers have to admit that e-cigs are being classified as an alternative to smoking. They are not claiming to just another version of cigarettes, they are claiming to be something better, in fact almost all advertising is aimed at making sure that everyone sees that there is a difference. After all no e-cig company wants customers to backslide to cigarettes. They are trying to show that they are inherently different alternative. It is in the best interest of everyone then to make the e-cigarette and the cigarette are seen as two different things. So even if the advertising is doing what they say, is still isn't normalising the cigarette, it is introducing another item entirely.

The very fact that it is an alternative implies that it is different, and when detractors point out how they look similar, and that could be used to make cigarettes cool again, it seems to imply that the general public is just a bit dim. Do people honestly think that a e-cig looks exactly like a cigarette? though here at SMOKO our e-cigs do have the design of one it is not like anyone who looks at it for more then half a second will not reconfigure the difference. It is not only the fact that the end lights up blue but it is made of metal and plastic. This argument could have worked a couple of years ago, when the e-cig was not well known and anyone with smoke or smoke like vapour was automatically labeled as a smoker. But the e-cig industry is now worth 1.7 billion dollars, there are now millions of people using these things and the public has become aware of the humble little e-cig.

To assume that when someone sees a SMOKO being used they cannot tell the difference is just not the case now, what with all the adverts that anti-ecig people decry, does that not show that the e-cig is now a well known tool? This argument made sense when the cartridge based e-cigs first started selling, after all at a glance they are kind of like a cigarette. But now that millions of people are using them, in fact in likely hood someone you know either has used or is using them, it is not plausible that people will not recognize the difference.

Detractors then are worried that people are going to start e-cigs because of these adverts, that they make them look cool, like the old cigarette adverts did, that people will be tempted to pick one up because they look cool rather then because they were already a smoker. As this quote from the New England journal of Science shows, that is just not the case:

...studies suggest that the majority of e-cigarette users treat them as cessation aides and report that they've been key to quitting smoking. For example, in one study, e-cigarettes compare favorably to nicotine-replacement therapies in terms of the likelihood of having returned to smoking 6 months after a cessation attempt.

The E-cig is not the same as a cigarette, it doesn't have the tar or all the chemicals, it doesn't even have smoke. And yes the e-cigarette does look similar to a cigarette, but it was designed that way so smokers could make the switch and still have the feel of a cigarette and that is where all this confusion is coming from. The fact is however that the similarity is a part of what makes the e-cig one of the best ways to quit smoking, rather then a patch or gum you have something that at least is the rough shape of a cigarette.

In the end then it all comes down to whether people can be trusted to see the difference between these two products. And as the popularity of e-cig grows this question is going to become an all important part of how e-cigs are seen.

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