E-Cigarettes Help More Smokers Quit and Stay Off Cigarettes

UK E-Cigs Help More People Keep off Cigarettes.

Every year new studies are published to show how the country is dealing with smoking and rate of decline (which are all good things).


The 2016 figures having just started to come out, and so far the news is excellent. More people than ever are trying to quit, and even better news, more of them are succeeding.


This is due to a number of things, but as one expert said, "e-cigarettes are a major factor".


The New Study

The study  looked at how many people tried to quit in 2015. It found that over 2.5 million people tried to quit last year, and more than a million of them used e-cigarettes to do it.


It also showed that the number of people who actually quit for good has gone up as well. 1 in 5 people successfully kicked the habit, which according to Public Health England is the highest success rate recorded. This is well above the 1 in 7 that it had been at before.


The study stresses that although e-cigarettes can't be linked to an increase in people trying to quit, E-Cigs are linked to more people successfully quitting. E-Cigs didn't change peoples will to quit, they just made it easier. In 2015 then more people turned to the e-cigarette and were able to keep off the cigarettes.


E-Cigarettes V.s Patches and Inhalers

Of course this is not all the work of the e-cigarettes, the NHS Stop Smoking Service also have their part to play. However the telling part is the numbers of people using prescription items like nicotine patches and inhalers are dropping. As Prof Linda Bauld, of Cancer Research UK, said: "The British public have voted with their feet and (they) are choosing to use e-cigarettes".


The e-cigarette then has replaced the patch and gum as the most popular choice for those trying to quit.


Where Are The Highest Rate Of Smoking In the UK?

The study also looked into the habits of smoking across the country.


It turns out that the North East has the highest concentration of smokers in Britain. Kingston upon Hull has the most smokers with 27 people out of 100 smoking and Blackpool comes second with 26 people out of 100 smoking.

The North and South divide is apparently well and truly in effect when it comes to smoking as well.


The lowest areas for smoking almost are all in the South. Wokingham had the lowest smokers per 100 with only 9 people and Buckinghamshire with 11 people per 100 being smokers.


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