E Cig Starter Kit On The Rise? Cigarette Industry Predicts End Of Cigarettes

For a lot of e-cigarette users the fact that less money is going to tobacco companies is a major bonus. For some that is even a driving factor in getting an e-cig starter kit!


After all Tobacco companies have been vilified in the media, for good reason, for years. And with more people switching to e-cigarettes every year it is not a surprise that analysts have begun to forecast the death of cigarettes.


What is surprising however is that Andre Calantzopolous, the head of Phillip Morris, creators of the Marlboro range and one of the biggest cigarette companies out there, agrees with the them.

The Interview

In an interview with Radio 4 last week he said “I believe that there will come a moment in time where we have sufficient adoption of this alternative product and sufficient awareness to start envisaging, together with governments, a phase-out period for cigarettes”.


What he meant by "alternative product" is their new range of smokeless cigarettes (sound familiar?) that they want to roll out in the next few years called the Iqos. What little we know about it is that it is more similar to an e-cigarette, but with more focus on the tips, so you would buy tips that have 1 cigarette worth of nicotine in and 20 tips to a box. The strange thing is that they would be selling it for £8, which considering that just one of our refills has 40 cigarettes worth of nicotine in, so double the nicotine, and we sell a box of 5 refills for a maximum of £11.99 (less with multibuy discounts).


They are trying to have their cake and eat it too; creating a product that is not killing its users and still charge them the same rates as cigarettes. As almost 75% of the price of cigarettes at the moment is from tax, this just seems greedy. After all all the money you pay in tax would just be profit for them.


This product has also not been tested yet, but the company swears that they work well. They have claimed they are 90% less harmful then cigarettes, which is pretty good. However e-cigarettes have already been proven to be at least 95% less harmful then cigarettes, making this claim less impressive. It certainly doesn't seem a competitor to an e cig starter kit.


The production of this new item, while odd, is still promising. It shows that cigarette companies have realized that their industry is starting to fade. Sadly that is probably not going to be too soon, with 5.6 Trillion cigarettes being sold each year. However with more and more people quitting every year it will happen eventually. Andre finished the interview saying “I hope this time will come soon”. For once we agree with the cigarette industry.


If you are thinking of making the switch and want a product that is 95% less harmful then a cigarette, check out our e cig starter kit!


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