Cigarettes Are As Bad for Your Pocket As They Are For Your Health

Are you one of the millions of Brits who are struggling to make ends? Are you finding it increasingly hard to make your pay check last through the month?  Perhaps you’re feeling the pinch of recent energy price rises and are worrying about the rising cost of providing for your family?

If so do not panic – millions of families in Britain are battling with economic hardship right now and having to make difficult decisions each and every day – some studies suggest that the situation in many households is so dire that homeowners have to choose between food and heating.  But one decision that should not be at all difficult is to put down that cigarette – and here’s why.

Calculate how much you spend on cigarettes in a week, a month and a year.  The average smoker gets through 13 cigarettes a day, and a pack of 20 can set you back on average £7.77, which works out about £5 a day! The numbers quickly add up, in fact the Office of National Statistics says then that you could save up to £140 per month, or £1700 a year.  Of course this is just the average – if you smoke more than average and choose more premium cigarettes, you could be spending up to £4000 every year.  Just imagine how that can change your life for you and your family.  Calculate the exact savings you will enjoy after making the switch, with the easy calculator on, just put in how many you smoke and how much they cost, then prepared to be amazed.

The savings don’t stop there as there are plenty of hidden costs you could save on when you quit smoking.  For example, life and travel insurance, income protection insurance and private medical insurance all charge extensively more for smokers.  So if you really want more cash for your family, then stopping smoking is a no brainer.

Worried that you don’t possess the will power? There are various ways to stop smoking, and plenty of help and support available from the NHS.  However, many success stories for ex-smokers begin with the switch to e-cigarettes.  They look and feel like a real cigarette, but without the horrific chemicals that go into cigarettes.  E-cigarettes only contain nicotine and flavouring, meaning it soothes your craving without harming your body nearly as much as smoking a cigarette.

By switching to SMOKO e-cigarettes, you will still be saving plenty of your hard earned money.  As they are electronic you just need to simply recharge it, and replace the refills every so often.  Using SMOKO can save a smoker £6 a day, £42 per week and £180 a month.  Then, of course, if you feel brave enough to quit all together you can just carry on saving.  Join ten million ex-smokers in the UK today, and enjoy all that extra cash you will save.

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