Banning E-Cigarette Flavours in the US = More Cigarettes Smoked

A but a new report shows that if the USA banned e-cig flavours the number of smokers would rise by a whopping 8.3%!


For the last couple of years the US hasn't been able to decide what to make of e-cigarettes. On the one hand they are one of the fastest growing consumer products with millions of users. On the other hand the government has made repeated attempts to ban and restrict them.


One of the biggest problems for the US government is flavours in e-cigarettes. They think that flavours will make e-cigarettes taste too nice and will lead to increased smoking levels. Even though studies prove time and again that e-cigarettes are not a gateway to smoking, US bureaucrats still worry.


A couple of years ago the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tried to ban e-cigarette flavours, but failed. There are rumblings though that they want to try again soon. This time they hope to make sure only tobacco flavours are sold, if they are sold at all.


Due to this new push, a team at Yale University looked at the effect that the banning of flavours in e-cigarettes and Menthol cigarettes would have. Menthol cigarettes were included in the study as they have recently been banned in the EU.


The Study


The researchers wanted to know if e-cigarette flavour or menthol bans would actually work. They studied the three most likely scenarios when it came to banning e-cigs, and the forecast isn't good.


  • To have the greatest reduction of the use of cigarettes, policymakers should ban only menthol cigarettes. This would cut the number of  smokers by 4.8%. 1.3% would stop smoking altogether and e-cigarette use would rise by 3.5%.
  • If policymakers ban both menthol cigarettes and e-cigarette flavours the number of cigarette smokers would rise by 2.7 percent
  • By contrast, the FDA’s proposed ban on all e-cigarette flavours would increase the number of smokers: 8.3% of e-cigarette smokers would switch to cigarettes and only 3% would quit altogether.


If the FDA is able to push the proposed ban through they would be turning up to 750,000 e-cig users back into smokers! And with more people every day switching to electronic cigarettes, the number of people reverting back to cigarettes would definitely rise. It goes to show how effective e-cigarettes have been to help people to kick the habit and without them, over 3/4 of a million people would go back to smoking.


Luckily the UK is one of the most e-cigarette friendly countries, so a disaster like this would be unlikely to happen. This study does show how effective e-cigs can be though, with almost a million people relying on them to get them away from cigarettes.


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