This week we look at a testimonial from a Welsh perspective, which is especially important as the Welsh parliament is considering banning the e-cigarette from public, essentially treating the e-cigarette as another type of cigarette.

A new front has opened up in the war against smokers: people who don’t really smoke at all. Wales is considering proscribing the use of e-cigarettes in public places on the grounds that they undermine the smoking ban and might even normalise smoking. Plans to outlaw politicians on the grounds that they normalise big government, however, are not on the table.

I’m a late convert to e-cigarettes. I wouldn't class myself as a habitual smoker but a couple of puffs on something sweet has always been part of my creative process: it helps concentrate the mind, I find, when trying to come up with erudite ways of calling public health officials a pain in the neck. Worried that suffering for my art might translate into lung cancer, however, I decided to experiment with the electric alternative – and found that they take some getting used to. 

More people should, because they could help thousands kick a nicotine habit that is far, far worse for their bodies. Regular cigarettes, as any fool knows, contain tar and poison the air with second hand smoke. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are run on batteries that heat a liquid nicotine solution that can then be inhaled as vapour. There is no second hand smoke, although people might not appreciate having scented air puffed in their face (but if you’re going to ban them on grounds of smell then people with halitosis should be politely asked to disembark from crowded tube trains, too).

It is true that the e-cigarette hasn’t been around long enough for studies to show its full effects; the consequences of regularly inhaling pure nicotine remain a mystery. But the NHS still describes them, probably rightly, as “the lesser of two evils” and studies suggest that they are effective at weaning people off the harder stuff. Researchers at Boston University recently surveyed 222 people who had bought e-cigarettes and found that 67 per cent had cut down on using regular cigarettes, while 31 per cent had quit altogether.

Crucially, if you ban smoking e-cigarettes in public places then you’re more likely to drive people back to using the tar-fuelled ones instead. One reason why e-cigarettes appeal is precisely because people can enjoy one indoors over a pint in a pub. Force me to stand outside and I’ll calculate that I may as well go back to the Marlboro Lights.

But do e-cigarettes normalise smoking? If they do, the evidence is sparse. For rather than rooting their criticisms in hard, medical proof about the negative impact of e-cigarettes, the anti-lobby simply rely on the general worry that if a teenager sees a little old lady puffing away on an e-cigarette in a tea room, the youth is more likely to start smoking thirty a day. Which is a scenario that I struggle to believe.

If the health freaks of Wales are determined to discourage e-cigarette use, particularly among the young, I have a solution: redesign them so that they blow a noise like a Kazoo. Insert something in the sucking end that makes a loud “whizzzzzzz” sound so that every time you take a puff you look like a clown. That way, the more hardcore users won’t want to appear in public. They can meet in each others’ houses and play Colonel Bogey as they slowly get high on the liquid nicotine.

Read the whole article here:

Here at SMOKO we are against this development, as it seems to be just a knee jerk reaction to anything containing nicotine. Never mind the health benefits, and all the smokers who are now ex smokers because of e-cigarettes, to the minds of many then it seems that if it even looks like a cigarette it should be banned.

If you are in are an e-cigarette user in Wales or anywhere else, or just like the idea of a kazoo that you can vape with, drop us a comment here or on Facebook and tell us what you think.


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Image credit: Matthew Wilkinson

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