6 Steps To Glowing Skin

If the impending arrival of summer has you determined to up your beauty routine, there’s no better place to start than with a mission to revive dull, tired skin. Fresh-faced radiance doesn’t happen overnight but there are easy steps you can take to get glowing skin in time for summer.


1. Drink more water

It may be the oldest beauty tip in the book but it’s surprising how many of us fail to drink the recommended 2 litres of water every day. The easiest way to make sure you get your quota is to fill a 2 litre bottle and keep it with you, ensuring it is empty by the end of each day. Filling up on water helps to flush impurities from the body, which translates into better, clearer skin. There’s a reason supermodels swear by it!


2. Eat your way to a healthier complexion

The food you put into your body has a major impact on more than just your overall health levels - too many midnight snacks, fatty and sugary treats can leave skin breaking out and dull. Too much junk food makes your skin full and pasty, so offset the effects of winter hibernation and comfort eating by ditching the stodge in favour of oily fish and fresh fruit and vegetables.


Eat a rainbow of colours to make sure you’re getting the right kinds of vitamins and minerals. Zinc from seafood and whole grains can help to fight blemishes, iron from leafy greens will help fight dark circles, Vitamin B from soya beans and bananas is essential to keep skin looking smooth and healthy.


3. Quit smoking

Quitting smoking can improve the appearance of skin quite radically. Tobacco drains Vitamin C from the skin, which hinders collagen production. This is the tissue that gives skin its elasticity, so by ditching your daily habit you’ll give your body a helping hand to retain your skin’s youthful good looks without the need for cosmetic injections or expensive creams.


The chemicals in cigarettes also restrict blood flow to your skin and can cause wrinkles. Quitting completely or switching to an e-cigarette like SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes can be a means to better skin.


4. Apply SPF protection every day

Harmful UVA and B rays and free radicals attack the skin each day, even when it may not appear to be sunny. Get into the habit of applying SPF protection as part of your morning routine by looking out for moisturisers with SPF built in.


5. Be smart about mid-morning snacks

Top up the goodness mid-morning or early afternoon by swapping out a biscuit or chocolate bar for a handful of nuts instead. Walnuts and Macadamias are especially skin friendly and introducing them to your diet will play a role in improving skin elasticity, repair and rejuvenation. The end result? A smoother, healthier complexion.


6. Clean your phone

Did you know the average smartphone contains as many - if not more germs - than your toilet? Dirty fingers, pockets and bags all play their part in creating a bug paradise - which gets transferred on to your face each time you answer a call. Use a screen wipe to clean off your mobile at least once a day to keep germs at bay.


We can help with one of these areas - switching to e-cigarettes is definitely a step in the right direction. Without cigarettes and thier toxins seeping into your skin you can set yourself up to have great skin! To get starter just have a look at our great UK maade e-cigarette starter kits.

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