5 Ways E-Cigs Can Make You A Better Person

We all know that cigarettes are bad for us, that message has been drilled into us since the 60's. But today we are looking at whether by switching from smoking to e-cigarettes you actually make the world just a little bit better.


Smoking has a huge detrimental impact on all aspects of our everyday lives. It poisons those around you with 2nd hand smoke, the smell clings to everything and makes everyone's day worse and smoking is also having a huge impact on the planet itself!


So here are the five ways that by making the switch to one of the best e cigarette companies in the UK you can make life that much better for everyone.


The Smell

We are starting on the smallest of the reasons in this list, but the one that is probably noticed by non-smokers the most, the smell of cigarettes.


As a smoker you very quickly become nose blind to the smell of cigarettes. You don't notice that all your clothes smell of smoke, your hair, your breath, your carpet and basically your whole house.


Even your poor animals can become smoky if they are in a heavy smoker's house long enough. As a smoker however all of that smells normal, you don't even notice it. So you continue about your normal business and make the world a little bit less pleasant. Worse you actively put off those non-smokers who are near you or enter your house.


With E-cigarettes though there is no smell. The vapour produced is odourless and so doesn't get into your clothes or hair. Just by switching then you can spare your little corner of the world the smell of stale smoke, and make it a bit nicer to breathe. All you have to do then is figure out a way to get the smoke smell out of your carpet!


2nd And 3rd Hand Smoke

Although this might not be noticed as the smell of smoke, the risk of 2nd and 3rd hand smoke is by far the most dangerous part of smoking.


2nd hand smoke is the smoke that you breathe in just by being near the smoker. Every time you breathe in smoke you are getting a portion of the 4000+ chemicals and toxins that is in the average cigarette. Although the smoke from cigarettes is obviously more dangerous to the smoker, just by breathing the smoke out can make it extremely dangerous to all those around you.


3rd hand smoke though can be even worse. It is even more insidious and can effect those you haven't smoked near. 3rd hand smoke is the smoke that is locked into carpets and sofas, any material you often smoke near. When people touch it or it mixes with other pollutants in the air it can harm the people in the house. Even those smokers who make sure that they only smoke away from others (like in the garden) can produce 3rd hand smoke.


Just by smoking then you are putting those near you in danger. However if you make the switch to one of the best e cigarette in the UK you eliminate this and lower the chance of illness for yourself and those around you. After all vapour from e-cigarettes is almost all water and carries none of the toxins of smoke. So no more 2nd or 3rd hand smoke.


You’re Creating Litter/Environmental Damage

We have talked about this before but it bears repeating, almost 30% of all litter picked up are cigarette butts. Many smokers have little to no issue with stubbing out the butt on the floor and then just leaving it. It is a sin that many of us have done at one time or another. But with millions of smokers in the UK alone those butts add up.


Not only are they ugly and make the area look horrible but they are tainted with all the 4000 chemicals that are in the cigarette. When they are washed away or just left there they slowly release all those chemicals into the environment. If they end up in a lake or river they can poison the fish and the wildlife around it.


Even worse the butts might not even decompose. The quickest they have been recorded to decompose is over a year, most studies put the time it takes for a butt to break down somewhere between 12 years and never.  Even if you are a conscientious smoker and never throw your litter on the floor, they will still be in a landfill for years to come.


By switching though you eliminate the poisonous litter entirely, and make the world a tidier, cleaner place.


You’re No Longer Keeping Tobacco Companies In Business

This one is a bit more abstract then the last three, but do you want fund the cigarette industry? This is an industry that only stopped trying to market to children when it was made illegal. Even then they actively tried to make cigarettes look fashionable. Back in the 1960's they tried to stop any study that cast them in a bad light. They paid doctors to sponsor their brand and say it was healthy, even knowing how bad smoking was.


The cigarette industry has even made cigarettes more addictive over the years. This was done by adding sugar to make the hit smoother. Although the cigarette industry denies it, many say it was done to make it easier for children to start. They have actually made quitting smoking harder for you for their bottom line.


When you buy a pack of cigarettes then you help fund these people. You are implicitly saying what they are doing is OK, and they definitely don't make the world a better place. If you don't like the sound of that try making the switch to one of the best e cigarette brands in the UK.


You Help Other People, Just By Being An Example

Quitting smoking has consistently been rated as one of the most difficult things someone can do.


Not only does your body crave nicotine but you have spent years of your life creating this habit. If you have tried and failed before (like so many of us have) then just by succeeding you can show those around you that it is possible.


Although e-cigarettes have become much more normal in the past couple of years there are still millions of smokers who haven't even tried them yet. You might even be able to help someone else finally quit smoking!


So if you want to make the world a little bit better check out one of the best e cigarette starter packs around and see if you can make the switch to a healthier life.


Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

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