5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking to Advance Your Career

Need another reason to quit smoking? We're sharing the 5 reasons why to quit smoking to advance your career!


We don't need to tell you about the health effects of smoking. If you need a refresher, you can check this infographic


What we can tell you though, is that you may be hindering your career growth if you continue to smoke.


Yes, you read that right. If you need a compelling reason to quit smoking now, we'll give you five career-related reasons to do so.


You Hurt Your Employment Prospects


According to a study conducted at Stanford University's School of Medicine, which surveyed more than 150 people, smokers find it harder to get a job. The study also showed the re-employment rate of smokers was 24% lower compared to non-smokers.


It’s understandable, smoking carries a lot of baggage with it, smoking breaks, increased chance of illness, and on a more personal note for many long-time smokers you can even smell it.


If an employer is given the choice between two similar candidates they are overwhelmingly going to choose the one who doesn’t smoke.


You Earn Less


In an American study they revealed that compared to non-smokers, smokers earn less per hour. And not even a little less, on average smokers earned £5,840 ($8,300) less than non-smokers! This is based on working 32 hours per week, calculated over the course of a year.


In another study they found that smokers on average earn about 20% less the non-smokers.  This was blamed on two things, smokers are normally less educated (or at least seen less educated) and smokers find it harder to find work, so they settle for less.


It doesn’t even seem that there is a difference between heavy smokers and light smokers. As the authors of study say “even one cigarette per day is enough to trigger the smoking wage gap”.


You Cost Your Employer More


In 2014 The British Heart Foundation released a study showing that smoking cost British businesses £8.4 Billion a year! That is an extra £1,815 for each smoker. They worked this out by adding the extra amount smokers take ill days and the loss of productivity due to smoking breaks.


Smoking breaks cost the biggest in terms of lost productivity.  Those smoking breaks add up after all, with an average of 4 smoking breaks a day each lasting 10 minutes. That’s 40 minutes a day lost to smoking, and that is only for the average smoker.


The other major cost of smokers to a company is increased absenteeism. On average smokers take 70% more sick days then their non-smoking fellow employees.


Your Customers Prefer Non-Smokers


This may not apply to occupations and industries where there's little to no face-to-face interaction with buyers. But if your job requires you to talk to consumers, you don't want to come off as unprofessional. Even if you don't smoke while you're talking to a customer, you can't say for sure that he or she will not know that you're a smoker.


You know that cigarette smoke clings to clothes. Plus, you have to do certain things to hide the smell - chew gum, use perfume, wash your hands, and so on.


And what’s worse, as a smoker you don’t notice the smell anymore. The smell of stale smoke becomes so normal that it doesn’t even register for you, but it probably will with non-smokers.


Whether right or wrong the general public doesn’t associate the smell of smoke with the finer things in life. If you are trying to sell something exclusive the smell of smoke can really damage the brand.


You Drag A Workplace Down


Still not convinced? If you're having trouble quitting, maybe you should shift your focus away from yourself and direct it to other people - your boss and co-workers.


2nd hand smoke is a very real danger, and even though by law you have to go outside to smoke, your co-workers will still be exposed time to time. It may not happen that often but over time all the exposure to your cigarette smoke adds up.


One study showed that "people who were exposed to smoke in the workplace were 17% more likely to develop lung cancer than those who were not exposed."


Your co-workers may also require the company for higher wages to work with smokers. 


Do You Need Help Quitting?


If you want to have a better chance of being hired, being paid more and not dragging down your fellow employees, try making the switch to e-cigarettes!


E-cigarettes don’t produce any smoke so there is no 2nd hand smoke or stale smoke smell. They are at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes and they are legal to smoke indoors, so no more cigarettes breaks in the cold and rain!


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