When looking for a job, it's important to put your best foot forward, especially in your interview.  We all know the obvious ones, like dressing inappropriately and arriving late but there are other pitfalls that can snare smokers and e-cig users.


Just by making the switch away from smoking is an excellent start. After all did you know that smokers are 24% less likely to get the job? And if they do they earn almost £7000 less?


Even if you have made the switch there are still things you can do as a vaper to improve your chances. Today then we are looking at the top tip for smokers and ex- smokers to help you get the job you want.


1. Smelling Like Smoke

As a smoker you know by now that people don’t like the smell of smoke, but what most smokers forget is that cigarette smoke lingers. Stopping for an hour to air out and a quick mint doesn't do the trick.


A lot of interviewers find the smell of cigarettes nauseating, plus it cues them to the fact that you'll be taking frequent smoke breaks if you were hired. It can even leave their office smelling like an ashtray.


Yes it would be considered discrimination if a company didn't hire you because of smoking, but they certainly don’t need to provide that as the main excuse as to why you didn’t get selected.


Of course e-cigarette users don’t need to worry about this. After all the vapour from an e-cig is water, not smoke, so it doesn’t smell and doesn’t stick around.


2. Bringing Accessories

Bringing a bunch of baggage to an interview is not a good look. You want to appear professional and highly organized.


Even something as seemingly harmless as a cup of coffee can be distracting and take away from your professionalism. This goes double for a big vapourizer. To many they still look like a huge brick and dragging one around won’t win you any favours.


If you want to bring your e-cig to your job interview (and with all the stress you might need to!) think about getting one that is a bit more discreet, and which won’t look like you are smuggling building material into your interview.


Our e-cigarettes are great for this, small and compact they fit into your pocket or purse with ease.


3. Clean up your Social Media

Did you know that only 4% of potential employers don't use social media when hiring?


That means that if the first thing they see is you smoking on a night out or doing something… less than professional, you might not even get to the interview.


The best course of action then is to keep your social profiles professional, clean or private while looking for that dream job. Think of it this way: you want to showcase your answer to the interview question "tell me about yourself" in your public social profiles.


4. Misbehaving in the Waiting Room

Consider your job interview started 20 minutes before you enter the building. Avoid lounging around in the waiting room, taking personal phone calls, chatting up the receptionist, or pacing around like a nervous wreck.


At times like this it's natural to reach for a cigarette or e-cigarette. For smokers this is of course illegal, but sneaking around the back looks just as bad and sets a bad precedent.


For e-cigarette users though the challenge is slightly different. Although it might be legal to puff away in the waiting room the company might frown on it, especially if you produce a lot of vapour. After all filling the room with vapour doesn’t create a good impression (no matter how nice it smells).


Be kind and professional with everyone you meet in or around the building, even the jerk who cut you off in the parking lot; they may be your interviewer.


Wait politely and assume you are being observed before the interview even begins.


5. Interviewing the Interviewer

It is good to be prepared with questions about the company, job, etc. But don't hijack the interview and be the only one asking the questions.


Many vapers are passionate about e-cigarettes, after all they save lives! But bringing up something so tangential can disrupt the interview and seriously lower the chances of you getting the job.


Ideally, wait for an opportunity cued by the interviewer and ask only questions that you did not already cover in your interview and which directly relate to the job or the company.


Now You Know!

Did you know only 2% of applicants get interviews?


So it’s important to make that first impression count. And smelling like stale cigarettes is never a good start.  So get on your best suit, and switch to a great, odour-free electronic cigarette by SMOKO.


If you have reached this far and secured an interview, you deserve to get hired. Avoid these job interview mistakes, impress your interviewers and you could be well on your way to landing the job.


If you are a smoker and want to make the switch then why not give one of our starter kits a try? Much less harmful, cheaper and leaves a much better impression than smoking ever will!


About SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes

SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes is the UK’s leading brand of e-cigarettes.  Since starting in 2012, SMOKO has helped prevent the use of over 100,000,000 cigarettes. We have helped our customers save over £32,500,000 in extra disposable income.


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SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes contain only 4 ingredients vs. the 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes.


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