Great news has come out recently, over 3.2 Million people have now switched to vaping. And even better over half of them have given up smoking for good!


ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) conducted a study and found that more people than ever have taken up vaping as a way to get away from smoking.


In fact, this is a continuation of a study from last year, and it found that the use of vaping had gone up by over 10% in just 1 year!


But the study found some very disturbing news as well. It found that almost 50% of smokers STILL believe that vaping is the same or more harmful than smoking.


10% rise in E-Cigarette users this year.

First the good news, in the last year alone almost 300,000 people have starting using e-cigarettes!


In last year's study ASH found that 2.9 million people were using e-cigarettes, this year the number has jumped to 3.2 million people.


This is just in the UK and doesn't include the millions of e-cigarette users around the world.


What makes this even more impressive is that only 6 years ago there were only 700,000 users in the whole country.


Over time, as the benefits of e-cigarettes get more publicity and support from major health groups like Cancer Research UK, more people will hopefully try e-cigarettes and see they can make the switch as well.


52% of E-Cig users have made the switch.


Not only are more people using e-cigarettes but more than half of the people who use e-cigarettes have stopped smoking entirely.


This is similar to last year (about 1% more), meaning that not only have the people who quit last year have stayed off the cigarettes, but more have joined them!


That 1% might not seem much of an increase, but as the number of people who are actually using e-cigarettes goes up, the amount of people who are quitting for good is going up as well. 


To put this in perspective, if last year 51% of the 2.9 million e-cigarettes users (1,479,000) had given up traditional cigarettes, and this year 52% of the 3.2 million people (1,664,000) had quit completely that means over 185,000 have stopped using tobacco products for good in just this last year!



Cutting down is good, switching completely is better

These numbers are all well and good, but what about the 48% of e-cigarette users who are still using cigarettes?


There is no doubt that cutting back on your cigarette intake is a good thing. After all the less carcinogens and toxins in your body is always a good thing!


But a lot of people underestimate how bad even a few cigarettes a day can be, after all just having 1 cigarette a day means you are 64% more likely to die early!


It's not just cancer, the chance of having a heart attack or a stroke (which actually kill more smokers than cancer) are 50% more likely  even if you just have 1 cigarette a day compared to a non-smoker.


More smokers know Vaping is better than smoking than ever before

One of the most worrying facts from the previous study was that over half (54%) of smokers surveyed believed that vaping was the same as smoking, and 22% still believed that they were more dangerous as smoking!


This is of course false, for years know Public Health England has said that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes, the Royal Collage of Physicians has approved them and there has be plenty of evidence to back this up.


That's why it's so great to see more people are learning the truth. This year’s study shows that only 47% of people who smoke still believe vaping is bad – that is a 15% reduction in people’s perception that e-cigarettes are as bad as traditional cigarettes. 


It makes sense that some people still believe e-cigarettes are bad – every month there seems to be a damning headline against e-cigarettes.  And we seem to remember the bad news instead of the hundreds of studies and studies or the thousands of customer testimonials from ex-smokers who have used e-cigarettes to quit.  


Although it's positive that more smokers are becoming informed about e-cigarettes, the fact that it's still almost half of all smokers isn't great.


The senior policy manager at Cancer Research UK, George Butterworth, said the same thing:

“The evidence so far shows e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking tobacco, but large numbers of smokers don’t know that.

As a major independent funder of research into e-cigarettes, Cancer Research UK wants to ensure that smokers are given accurate information about their safety."



So if you are not yet one of the 3.2 million smokers who have made the switch to e-cigarettes, then give it a try today


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 Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash

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