10 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

Want the inside scoop on the beauty hacks that every girl should know? Read on for our top 10 tips!


Wet eye shadow to create a more dramatic look

Did you know that you can turn your favourite everyday eye shadow into a dramatic evening look simply by adding a little water? Just a drop will create a thicker, bolder finish that’s guaranteed to turn heads.


Put on concealer AFTER foundation

While some girls tend to think that concealer should be applied before foundation to achieve a flawless blend, you should actually dab it on AFTER. If you opt for before you’ll simply rub away all its effectiveness when applying your top layer.


Heat up your eye pencils

Want to create a gel effect from a pencil liner? Simply place the tip near a flame for a few seconds, let it cool for another few seconds and voila!


Dip nails in cold water

To fast-track the nail polish drying process try dipping your fingers into a bowl of cold water. Don’t run under a tap though as the pressure can easily smudge!


Make the switch to e-cigarettes

If you smoke, making the switch to e-cigarettes will have your skin glowing in just days. Tobacco wreaks havoc on the complexion but by choosing to smoke e-cigarettes, you can combat spots, wrinkles and other imperfections. You’ll also see an improvement in your hair, nails and teeth!


Baby powder for the hair

Having a greasy hair day? Dusting a little baby powder into your roots will have your locks looking the right kind of shiny in seconds. Just don’t forget to rub in properly or you’ll look like you have a bad case of dandruff.


Beach babe waves

Rather than spend hours in the morning trying to curl and style your hair into beach babe waves, simply plait before bed then undo in the morning. You’ll have instant waves that last all day!


Go natural

Rather than clutter up your bathroom with far too many beauty products, why not opt for one of Mother Nature’s multi-purpose wonder ingredients. Coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturiser, lip balm, hair conditioner, anti-inflammatory solution and more!


Business cards and mascara

When applying mascara try slotting a business card behind your lashes. This will help prevent smudging as well as create a more even application.


Keep bobby pins in place

Say goodbye to slipping bobby pins by giving them a quick spritz with hairspray before slotting them into your locks.



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