Top Tips for Respectful Vaping

The 6 Rules for Your E-Cigarette

One of the reasons electronic cigarettes have become so popular is that you can use them almost anywhere. However, this doesn’t mean you should.


Just like when you smoke, you need to respect those around you when vaping. There are no fixed rules but there are some things you should definitely consider before using your e-cigarette.


Here then are the 6 vaping no-no's every vaper should avoid.


1. Vaping Indoors Without Permission

Many smokers are attracted to vaping because, in theory, you can do it indoors without getting into trouble.


As they contain no tobacco or anything combustible, there is no smoke (so no 2nd smoke). This means e-cigarettes do not fall under the anti-smoking laws and legally you can used them anywhere.


However, always double check you can use your e-cigarette in a venue. Some places have banned the use of e-cigarettes, so it isn’t a given that you use it wherever you feel like it.


Even though there is no evidence proving that passive vaping is harmful, you should still understand why people are cautious.


But even if they know there is no danger to them, people might still find it off putting.


If you aren’t allowed to vape, then don’t. It is really that simple.


If you are not sure then all you have to do is ask. Not asking and vaping without permission gives the whole community a bad name. And certainly if you are asked to stop, then please do so.


2. Vapour in the Face

It almost goes without saying, but don't blow your vapour into other people’s faces.


For some vapers they seem to think that since vapour is safe, it's ok to blow it where they like.


Even other vapers will become annoyed when you do this. We all know that it is safe and, depending on the flavour, smells amazing, but it is still off putting to many people.


And what's worse is that it is entirely avoidable. It isn’t difficult after all to blow your vapour into an area where no-one is standing!


3. Preaching to Smokers

Unlike the previous two, this isn't about being rude, but about being too helpful.


Vapers are almost all ex-smokers, many of who despaired about quitting before finding e-cigarettes. To us e-cigs were a game changer, helping us make the switch and changing our lives.


It's natural that you want to help those who are still smoking to quit. After all E-cigarettes helped you, they can other as well! And that is great, if the smoker wants to listen. However the line is crossed when you start preaching.


Remember that you were that smoker only a little while ago, and how well did it work on you when a non smoker started lecturing? If you feel the need to inform and educate, do it in a respectful way.


Forcing a smoker to try e-cigarettes and lecturing them on the effects of smoking will probably have the opposite effect.


If they're not ready to quit don’t force the issue! E-cigarettes are great but without the will to change they can only do so much.


If they are interested though definitely let them try yours and let them know how it has positively changed your life!


4. Don't go into the Details (Unless Someone Asks)

When something has changed your life as much as an E-Cig has, it's hard not to talk about it.


However the average non-user probably doesn't want to know what your favourite flavour is, how often you use it or what strength you find works best. They probably don't care what the latest news is from the industry either.


This applies double to those who use the vapourisers rather than the e-cigarettes (as they have so much more to change).


It can be easy to get carried away but try and remember that though this might be the item that changed your life, to the other person it might just be polite conversation.


5. In The Car

If your friends or family don’t use e-cigarettes, it’s always a good idea to ask them if it’s ok to use yours when they give you a lift.


As there is no smell and no impact on their health it shouldn’t be a problem, but again it is all about respect.


Plus you probably don't want to distract the driver with your vapour, that is not going to end well for anyone.


6. In Public Places

Of course there are no laws about where you can use an e-cigarette. But we would always suggest being aware of your surroundings and be courteous those around you.


So if you are at the park and there are a lot of kids running around, you may want to wait or move somewhere else.  If you are at an outdoor café and someone asks you politely to refrain for a good reason, its just common courtesy to wait until the all clear.


Most non-smokers recognize that using e-cigarettes is so much better than smoking and there are no adverse effects for those around you so 9 times out of 10 others will appreciate and respect what you are doing!


Ultimately all these come down then to being respectful to the people around you. Make sure that you are not shoving the fact that you use an E-Cig in their faces and you should be fine.


As E-Cigs become more common people will adjust to it but until then the best rule will always keep in mind the people around you. 


Do you think there are any other rules vapers should follow? let us know!

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