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The Ultimate Vaping Etiquette Guide 2021

E-cigs have lower health risks than cigarettes, but many people are still uncomfortable being around anyone vaping. Although vaping is allowed in some no-smoking zones, that does not mean that you should not be mindful of the people around you. Here are the unspoken rules of vaping etiquette that you should observe at all times.

Always ask

Social places such as bars and restaurants are generally smoke-free areas, and although vapour is not smoke, it can be easily mistaken for smoke, causing people to be wary. To avoid any problems, always ask about their policy on vaping.

Do not use someone else's e-cig without asking

This might seem obvious, but common sense isn't so common. If you would like to sample someone's flavour, please ask first before taking a puff. Sharing e-cigs is not recommended, so if possible, ask that they share their e-juice instead.

Do not vape in a queue

Be considerate of the people around you at all times. Do not vape in queues no matter how bored you get waiting in line.

Do not vape around children

Parents do not tolerate smoke near their children, whether it's harmful or not. To avoid confrontations with parents, avoid vaping in areas where there are a lot of kids. You also don't want to get young kids and teenagers curious about vaping before they are of legal age.

Do not blow the vapour into someone's face

Many people find this behaviour disrespectful regardless of how good the vapour smells. Avoid doing this, especially to strangers.

Do not stealth vape

Stealth vaping in restricted areas is not appreciated, and it may get in trouble with the authorities. Although the vapour is very minimal, people may get irritated once they notice it.

Do not be a cloud chaser

Unlike stealth vaping, cloud chasing is not discreet at all. If you are in shared spaces, do not fill up the entire room with large billowing vapour clouds. Be respectful of other people and save your powerful vapes for private vaping sessions in isolated or vaping designated areas.

We are trying to make vaping socially acceptable, so let us adhere to the rules and regulations.

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