Keep Your Electronic Cigarette (and Yourself) Healthy This Winter

As the common phrase goes, winter is coming. There is a nip in the air, frost on the ground and snow is about to blanket the land. It can be amazing but there is also a down side, and not just the colds that start to appear!


Most of us know what to do to avoid these, but what many don't know is that winter can affect your electronic cigarette as well. With a few simple tips however you can stop worrying and start enjoying winter again.


Leaving Electronic Cigarette Batteries In The Cold

Have you ever been in the situation where on a cold morning you go out to your car, scrape the frost off, frantically try and find your keys with numb fingers, try and start the car... and nothing.


This is because batteries lose their charge much faster when they are cold, and have to use more electricity to produce the same effect in the cold. When a battery is started a chemical reaction takes place, and the cold essentially slows down that process. Although this is much more noticeable on larger batteries (like the one in a car) it can also happen with smaller batteries, like ones in your E-Cig.


The solution for this is simple; don't leave your batteries out in the cold. So for all those who keep their batteries in the car it might be a good idea to bring in them in for the winter. Using the electronic cigarette outside shouldn't be much of an issue, but keep an eye on them just in case the battery runs out quicker than it should.


Electronic Cigarette Refills Take Longer To Heat Up

Another part of the e-cig that will be affected by the cold weather are the refills. As you may know refills work by having e-liquid soaked in cotton in the refill heated up and turned into vapour. 


The cold however can make the liquid thicker and harder to draw. The good news is that the VG makes the liquid’s freezing point much lower than the average winter day (unless you live in the arctic). It can however still make taking a drag just a bit harder.


This all applies even more to vapourizer users, as the liquid doesn't have the cotton to keep it warm. Another factor for vapouriser users is the tanks are glass, which will let in the cold quickly. The coil can have real trouble absorbing the liquid making for an overall sub-standard vape.


Don't Drop The Electronic Cigarette In The Water!

This of course applies to e-cigs all year round, but in winter there are sadly many more puddles around. And with all the extra layers you are wearing e-cigs have a habit of falling out. If the worst happens and your e-cig does land in a puddle, don't try and use it!


Although it might look fine, like any battery water can do a lot of damage and ruin it.  Even if it is just the refill the gets wet it can dilute the e-liquid inside. At the very least it will produce much less vapour, at worst you will get nothing.


Keep Warm!

This applies to not only you but your e-cigarette as well. The best way to keep vaping through the winter months is to make sure that both your refills and your batteries are kept somewhere warm (but not too hot) and keep them dry. If you do that you can puff away as well as you would do in the middle of summer.


If you are still smoking and have to go outside to smoke, why not make the switch? Come in from the cold try one of our starter kits for just £9.99, and see if you can make the switch.


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