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How to choose a suitable nicotine content for your e-cigs & vapes

Smokers mostly smoke purely for the enjoyment and pleasure offered by the nicotine. It would be difficult to find a smoker who smoked traditional cigarettes because of the carbon monoxide, toxins, tar, and ammonia they contain. It is little wonder then that cigarette smokers are switching in their droves to e-cigarettes, vapes, and e-liquids, drawn by the perceived health benefits of cutting out the poisons contained in traditional cigarettes.


How to Choose the Perfect Nicotine Level for your E-Liquid

One of the difficulties of making the switch is choosing a suitable level of nicotine in your preferred e-cigarette or e-liquid. Few smokers know the nicotine level in their preferred brand of cigarettes, prior to switching to e-gigs or vapes. Depending on the manufacturer, the amount of nicotine in a standard cigarette can vary between 7mg and 15mg. However, the amount of nicotine you absorb from a traditional cigarette can depend on several factors. The length of time you hold each drag or hit of a cigarette in the lungs, heavily influences how much nicotine you absorb, as does how much you expel with each exhalation. Similarly, one person puffing frantically at a cigarette consumes more nicotine than another who allows much of it to burn away.


Estimating the Nicotine Intake per Cigarette

It has been estimated that the average person consumes approximately 1mg of nicotine per cigarette. Clearly, when dealing with quantities of nicotine and its effect on each person, the size and the length of time a person has been smoking must be considered. A large person who has been smoking for decades will be less affected by 1mg of nicotine, than a smaller person who has recently taken up the habit.

How to Match Daily Nicotine Intake when Changing from Cigarettes to E-Cigarettes & Vapes 

Those switching to e-cigarettes, vapes, and e-liquids should be prepared for a little trial and error to find the nicotine content that works best for them. As a ball-park figure, smokers who smoked fewer than 5/6 cigarettes a day may want to try an e-liquid with 3% nicotine, which equates to 3mg of nicotine in a 10ml bottle. Those smoking 6 to 15 cigarettes per day might try a 6-8% concentration, the same as 6-8mg in a 10ml e-liquid bottle. Smokers consuming 15-20 cigarettes per day are likely to need 9-12% nicotine (9-12mg per 10ml bottle) and those smoking 40 a day might start with 20% nicotine in their e-liquid which is 20mg per 10ml bottle.


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