7 Steps to a Beach Body for Summer

If the thought of baring all at the beach has you breaking out in a cold sweat, it’s time to kick your beach body prep up a gear. It’s never too late to take steps towards feeling more body confident so pull on your trainers, adjust your attitude and get set for that sun lounger with our 7 steps to getting a beach body for summer!


1. Do A Detox

Get your new regime off to a clean, fresh start by doing a detox. Eliminating your body of toxins will help your system to reset and means you’ll feel all the better for your efforts a little further down the line.


2. Clean Out Your Cupboards

Clean out your cupboards and banish the junk food. Not only does this remove temptation and put an end to agonising tests of willpower when faced with sugar laden processed food, it will also serve to cement a new attitude. Replace the pre-packaged stuff with fresh fruit and vegetables, water and lots of healthy fish.


Prepare the veg and fruits when you get home so you always have a healthy snack to hand when you need a boost. This also makes it much quicker to whip up a tasty supper at the end of a long day rather than reaching for a takeaway menu for some comforting calories.


3. Think About Your Exercise Preferences

Ramping up physical activity is sadly non-negotiable when it comes to bagging a beach body. Before you can work up a sweat, you need to decide what type of exercise suits you best. If you’re constantly rushed in the mornings, an early morning run can be ruled out. Likewise if you have lots of after-work commitments, you’ll want to find lunchtime gym classes.


Be realistic about what you’ll stick to and enjoy. Forcing yourself to do something you hate means it’s unlikely you’ll stick at it.


4. Enlist A Friend

If you truly hate dieting and exercise or lack motivation, rope in a friend or two to work towards their own fitness goals with you. It’s easier to stay motivated where there is a sense of competition and when you have someone else to help push you onwards.


5. Banish The Scales

It may sound counter-productive but it’s all too easy to fall into a routine of weighing yourself every morning. If you do this, you’re likely to become demotivated because toning and weight loss happens gradually.


Restrict yourself to one weigh in per week or even fortnight and keep track of progress to show how much closer you are to your goal.


6. Read Up On Nutrition

If you want to get in shape for swimwear season, you need to educate yourself on what you should be eating. Knowing the pros and cons of ingredients such as coconut oil and how to substitute bad habits for good will enhance the progress you make at the gym.


7. Quit Smoking

If you are truly committed to changing your life to fit into the bikini, then ditch the cigarettes. Smoking has a massive impact on your energy levels, blood flow to your muscles and overall motivation.  Using an e-cigarette can be a great alternative if all else fails.


SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes provide an amazing smoking sensation, without all of the chemicals, tar and tobacco.  So you can still keep the habit, but in a healthier and more stylish manner. If you’re really committed, why not try it at and see for yourself.


So take action now and see you at the beach!