The Testimonial Of A "Stop Start" Smoker Who Stopped For Good With SMOKO

This week we hear from one of our customers about how SMOKO helped even a notorious stop and start smoker finally quit.


I never got into smoking when I was young, but as I got to my final year at University I began to crave them more and more, whether it was the stress of the exams, or just the people I was with, either way I went from a casual smoker to a 20 a day in a matter of weeks.

The problem however is that smoking is surprisingly easy to start, but much harder to stop.


Every once in a while I would decide I would quit, I would throw away my cigarettes (which is throwing away a lot of money!) and go clean for a month or two.


I am sure you have all heard the horror stories of quitting, and they did apply to me, the jitters, the craving and the awful mood, but I was able to get past that. But what always pulled me back was the rest of the cigarette experience. I would do this at least a couple of times a year, to the point that it became part of my life, quit, go through all the pain, then get bored and go back to them. This happened for years and years, until it became part of my life.


The problem really was that I liked smoking, just not what it was doing to me.


Maybe it was because I was born a natural born fidgeter, when I was young any time I went into a shop with a parent I would have to be told not to touch anything, and not to juggle any of the breakable objects (true story). Smoking then was perfect, here is a little stick that you get to fiddle with, smoke to try and make smoke rings with, friends all in a huddle and of course that oh so sweet nicotine which seemed to calm the jitters down. I would see all the warnings on the side of the box, smell my clothes and despair over my teeth but that would never stop me from enjoying the next cigarette.


That's why the patches or the gum never worked, for those people who were in it for the nicotine alone I am sure they work fine, but it is pretty hard to find enjoyment in a skin coloured patch on your arm or flavourless and oddly hard to chew gum. For some people smoking isn't just about the chemicals that go into your body, it's about the whole experience.


That's where SMOKO came in as who could not love the space age look of them, I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie, with the blue light which looks great in the dark by the way. The first time I bought the e-cigarette starter kit I was converted. With this then I was able to not only kick the smoking habit, I got to do it without losing what I enjoyed.


I still had that hand to mouth feeling, I still had the hit of the nicotine and now instead I could made vapour rings which are better than ever. I don't even have to give up going to the smoking area with friends (though the smell now is starting to drive me away).


Even the flavours are great, when I first started I was a strictly an Original man, but Absinthe and the Menthol e-cigarette refills have stolen my heart and I can't get enough.


So for anyone like me who enjoys the whole smoking experience but doesn't want the down sides check out one of these, you won't go back.


If you are like Sam give SMOKO a try! Even if you are constantly stopping and starting, see if you too can break out of the smoking cycle with the best electronic cigarette in the UK.


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