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Overcoming a tobacco addiction with the help of social media

Although still hugely popular, smoking has long been falling out of favour with those who were once heavily puffing away - partly due to the ever-present health issues it creates, but also because of a changing cultural climate in which it is no longer seen as the 'cool' thing to do.

Smoking has been, for a long time, the leading cause of preventable deaths globally. Photos of disease-ravaged lungs and body parts covered in cancerous tumours aim to scare people away from smoking. However, sometimes that's not enough. Not to worry though as there are other less scary, more collaborative and virtual ways that are helping many beat their addictions: social media. So how can you utilise this tool to get rid of your need to smoke?


Video channels

Believe it or not, there are YouTube and TikTok channels dedicated to people posting videos about their journey overcoming a smoking addiction. For those who want to quit, listening to their stories and experiences, as well as their tips and advice, can really help. You can also get a feel for how those in other countries are also quitting smoking - who knows, maybe one day you will be sharing your story too!



Quora was built to become a place in which knowledge can be gained and shared. It is there for people to ask questions and gain unique insights, while also generating quality answers from individuals who have been there and done that themselves. For example, you might want to know how electronic cigarettes compare to the real thing, or whether vaping is worth trying instead of smoking. Quora is full of valuable tips, so if you have a question on how to quit smoking and want an answer, there's a high chance you'll find it on Quora. You may also have answers that can help other smokers with their own journeys.


Online communities

Forums such as Reddit are host to a wealth of ex-smokers who are keen to come together as a healthy support system in an online community group. If you are looking for people to help keep you motivated and encouraged on your journey, then Reddit may well be the place for you. You'll be able to learn a lot from their failures, as well as gain insight in an open, honest and informal way about what really works. You can also find out more about how electronic cigarettes and vaping may help you move from tobacco into a smoke-free life.


Facebook pages

Facebook is all about community - so where better to look for groups of like-minded people, all craving their tobacco fix, than on Facebook? There are hundreds of dedicated Quit Smoking Facebook pages, all with the aim of getting people to quit their smoking habit. They contain strategies, tips and humorous jokes, as well as questions and people looking for advice or support. There are a large number of people in these groups, so they're generally always packed with content; including a lot of motivational quotes and positive affirmations.


Quit today

Find your support network and community on social media today and you'll find it easier to quit smoking and move towards vaping or SMOKO's electronic cigarettes - or even go completely cold turkey.

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