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Customer Testimonial On New Parenthood, Smoking And The Switch To E-Cigarettes

This week we have a testimonial from one of our customers who used e-cigarettes to get away from cigarettes, get a bit healthier for themselves and their new-born and even save a bit of money along the way.


It’s all about change — becoming a first-time parent and switching to using E-Cigarettes.


When you find out you are pregnant you obviously want the best for you and the unborn child from the offset, so giving up smoking should be a piece of cake…


Wrong. Absolutely nothing is simple about A) being a parent or B) just giving up smoking at the drop of a hat. Combine the two together and you have a recipe for trouble. 


I had stupidly started smoking from the age of about 18, first causally but then those odd 1 or 2 whilst out turned into a 20 a day habit at a blink of an eye. I smoked solidly for about 10 years before turning it around and quitting when I retrained as a personal trainer. 


Unlike others though I had actually given up smoking 3 years before having my first child. It was quite easy to walk away from smoking the first time around — though I would still slip into old habits if I ever managed to get myself out of a PE kit ! When I found time to socialise with friends on a Friday night the odd cigarette always slipped in every few months.


I totally broke free when I decided to train to take part in competitive body building and was on my way to build a body which was stage ready when I also found out I was 6 months pregnant.


Fast forward 3 months and after a long labour I was gifted a small bundle of joy as the world always puts it…


The next couple of months consisted of sleepless nights, no real routine, and a sense of general unease in my life. Stress built up and pretty soon I soon found myself buying cigarettes whenever I did a food shop.


I didn’t want to be a full time smoker — but it was like visiting an old friend, something I could cling onto that reminded me of my old life while I tried to adapt to this new scary one as a parent.



The big switch…


I had heard about E-cigarettes and vaping but always had been put off by the huge tanks I had seen people walking around with. I didn’t want to be blowing out clouds of vapour that made other bystanders look like they were standing at the local disco next to the dry ice machine.


So I avoided this option for a while, spending huge amounts on my cigarette habit all the while knowing that 2nd hand smoke was such a large factor in newborns and cot death.


The big decision to switch over to E-cigarettes almost happened by mistake. Although I was ready to quit smoking, it was actually the look of the shop and the friendly atmosphere that made me wonder in one day while out on a walk.


I was greeted and talked through all the options and to my surprise none of the devices that I was shown where chunky and offensive to the eye.


I settled for a simple E cigarette, which was great as it felt like a cigarette to hold. It also produced the same amount of vapour as a cigarette does smoke, so no worries about clouds of vapour. The hit on my throat was great as well, giving me the same feel as a cigarette.


I felt smug in my choice, I could carry on my daily battle with parenthood without the parent guilt that smoking gave me.


After a few weeks I also started to see the extra money I was saving add up into my bank account. This was a great boost as it was a visceral reminder of what I was doing by making the switch, and even prompted me to buy some new running trainers. Almost back to myself now I thought pre-parenthood, as my feet pounded the pavements.


I’m not going to lie, I felt super unfit, but it could have been worse if I had continued smoking.



The perfect ending….


I’m nearly 4 years into my journey of parenthood and 3 into using E Cigarettes and I am not looking back. Just a few things I have gained in this time 1) Lots of grey hairs 2) a healthier lifestyle 3) happier, healthier lungs and 4) a few more extra pennies in my pocket!!!



If you are in a similar situation and have been struggling to stop smoking, give SMOKO E-cigarettes a try! They are designed to taste, feel and look like a cigarette so making the switch away to a 95% less harmful alternative as easy as possible.


To give them a go and get yourself a starter kit just click here!


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