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Virginia Rolling Flavour (10 Packs)

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Do you smoke rolling tobacco? Then our Virginia Rolling flavoured E Cigarette Refills are the perfect electronic cigarette cartridge for you with its powerful robust flavour infused with the finest of Virginia tobacco at its core. This is the finest choice for those that love the cigarette taste but don’t want all the unhealthy side effects of a normal cigarette.

Our SMOKO 5 Pack of Refills are what keeps the customers returning to your business week in and week out. All of our flavours are Made in the UK giving them a safe superior taste to other brands of e-cigs, you know your customers are getting the best quality product they demand.

Each Pack of Refills contains 5 x SMOKO Refills.  This is roughly the equivalent of 200 traditional cigarettes of nicotine. 
40% POR
RRP/Unit = £12.50
Cost/Unit = £7.50
Estimated Profit = £41.67 (ex. VAT)

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Virginia Rolling - Bold (2.0%) (10 Packs)

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E Cigarette Refills - Virginia Rolling Flavour

Do you love the health benefits of using Electronic cigarettes over regular cigarettes but you miss the flavour you have enjoyed for years?
Our Virginia rolling tobacco flavour refills are perfect for you, full of distinctly rich and vibrant flavour. Crafted to suit the taste of any rolling tobacco connoisseur, our Virginia Rolling refills aim to highlight the gorgeously textured tastes of any leading rolling tobacco product on the market.

Electronic cigarettes are over 80% cheaper than regular cigarettes.  A pack of 20 cigarettes is about £8.50. A single SMOKO refill contains roughly 40 cigarettes worth of nicotine, each pack comes with 5 refills for £12.50  That’s 200 cigarettes worth of nicotine for just £12.50 rather than £85!
For more information on how much you could save using electronic cigarettes look at our savings calculator on our home page.

Our electronic cigarettes contain only four pharmaceutical-grade ingredients: Propylene Glycol (used in cake mixes and soft drinks), Vegetable Glycerine (used in candy and chewing gum), Food Flavouring (used in almost everything we eat!) and Nicotine – the only reason why we smoke.

This makes electronic cigarettes much healthier alternative than regular cigarettes.
“The lack of tobacco in E Cigarettes means they are almost certainly much safer way of getting a nicotine hit than smoking cigarettes.”
- cancerresearchuk.org

All of our flavours are produced in the UK to pharmaceutical grade giving them an authentic and superior taste.  And we know there is no “horsemeat in our hamburgers!”          

Why not look at our reviews and see for yourself why our customers are so passionate about SMOKO.

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