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E Cigarette Refills - Original Tobacco

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Our Original tobacco flavour E Cigarette Refills taste as close to the major brands of cigarette as you can get!  With a smooth tobacco flavour and a slight undertone of vanilla our Original flavour is our most popular flavour hands down. So if you smoke a major brand name tailor-made cigarette – this is the flavour is for you!  Bold, full-bodied, rich tobacco flavours - what more could you ask for?

If you are looking for something a little stronger, try our Virginia Rolling and Havana flavours  

All of our flavours are Made in the UK, giving them a safe and superior taste to compared to other brands of e-cigs.  But don’t take our word for it, have a look at our customer reviews, like this one.

“I have tried 3 different types of e-cigarettes and this is by far the best out of the bunch”

Each Pack of SMOKO E Cigarette Refills which is the equivalent to approximately 200 cigarettes of nicotine all for just £11.99/pack!  All of our flavours only use the highest quality ingredients and are proudly Made in the UK!

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Original - Bold (2.0%) - E-Cigarette Refills Refill
Original - Regular (1.8%) - E-Cigarette Refills Refill
Original - Medium (1.5%) - E-Cigarette Refills Refill
Original - Light (1.1%) - E-Cigarette Refills Refill
Original - Zero (0%) - E-Cigarette Refills Refill
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SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Refills



    Each pack contains 5 SMOKO E Cigarette Flavour Refills that fits your SMOKO E-Cigarette Rechargeable Battery.  


    SMOKO only uses the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are all Made in the UK!

    Unlike 75% of other e-cigarettes that were recently tested in a Harvard School of Medicine study where found to contain diacetyl and other chemicals that cause “popcorn lung”, all of SMOKO’s products are certified diacetyl-free and acetyl propionyl-free!  SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes - Quality you can trust.

    1. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine (found in candy, gum, ice cream, cake mix and soft drinks)
    2. Food Flavours (found almost everything we eat) 
    3. Nicotine (the only reason why we smoke)
  • SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Flavours are made in the UKE Cigarette Starter Kit Refills - Tobacco Flavour

    Each one of SMOKO’ s Electronic Cigarette flavour Refills contain only the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are all Made in the UK.  It will be a big shock to know that the majority of e-cigarette brands that are sold in grocery and convenience stores, petrol stations and on-line use ingredients from China!

    Each of our Flavours has been chosen for it’s incredible taste and unrivalled quality.  Delivering a realistic smoking sensation and rich vapour, without the lingering smell or 2nd hand smoke, you’ll never want to smoke a normal cigarette again!





E Cigarette Refills - Tobacco Flavour

Are you are looking to quit smoking? Maybe you have already switched to electronic cigarettes but don’t like the taste?  Do you miss that old familiar taste? Then our Original tobacco flavour e-cigarette cartridges are the perfect choice for you.

Our Original tobacco flavour is as close as you can come to the real taste! A strong mix of blended tobacco flavours giving you the full taste and sensation that you demand. A strong, thick and bold - great taste with every drag.

A single SMOKO refill contains roughly 40 cigarettes worth of nicotine, each pack comes with 5 refills.  That’s 200 cigarettes worth of nicotine for just £11.99!

“The lack of tobacco in E Cigarettes means they are almost certainly much safer way of getting a nicotine hit than smoking cigarettes.” 

- cancerresearchuk.org

All of our flavours are produced in the UK to pharmaceutical grade giving them an authentic and superior taste.         

Why not look at our reviews and see for yourself why our customers are so passionate about SMOKO.

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