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Record Your SMOKO Story, Get £25 in SMOKO Credit + a chance to win £100 in Credit

SMOKO Premium E-Cigarette Record your Story

Share Your SMOKO Story For £25 Of SMOKO Products

We are getting some of our best customers to share their SMOKO experience with a video review and we would love your help.  
In return for sending us a short video, we will give you £25.00 in SMOKO Credit! And the best video we receive will get £100.00 in SMOKO Credit!

Making a SMOKO video couldn't be easier, we have a list of questions you can use to create your video testimonial, instructions on how to create and send your video to us and some great tips on how to make your video really stands out.

Are you ready to tell your SMOKO story? Fantastic, just click one of the links below, or keep reading for great ideas on how to make your video testimonial really shine. 

Once we receive your video, we will do some Hollywood magic and send it back to you.  You can then share it on your social media pages and help spread the word!

We will use the videos on our website and on our social media sites to help spread the word about how SMOKO can change someone's life!

Thanks for your help!!


USING A WEBCAM - if you have a webcam and microphone on your computer Click Here to learn how to create your SMOKO video

USING A MOBILE - If you want to use a mobile to record your SMOKO story Click Here to learn how to create your SMOKO video


Video Tips 

  1. Good Sound – whether you record it from your iPhone, laptop or another camera, ensure there is no background noise and that we can hear you,  Speak slowly and clearly and always be yourself!
  2. Good Lighting – ensure you have a good light source on your face – so we can see you!
  3. Film it in highest quality you can
  4. Always start by re-stating the question – for example, if you are letting us know how long you have smoked for, start by saying “I started smoking when I was 14 years old.  I continued to smoke 20 cigarettes a day for the next 30 years…..”
  5. Have Fun and be yourself!
  6. Be Creative - try it in a unique location or with some extras....  have fun with it!


Sample questions and some examples that might inspire your video review!

  1. What is your name and where are you from? 
    1. ex. “My name is Steve and I am from London.”
  2. When did you first start smoking? 
    1. ex. “I started smoking when I was…….. and continued to smoke until……”
  3. What did you like about smoking? 
    1. ex. “I really enjoyed the way smoking relaxed me…”
  4. What did you hate about smoking? 
    1. ex. “The thing that I hated most about smoking was….”
  5. What was the reason you wanted to quit smoking? 
    1. ex. “I wanted to quit smoking when……..” or
    2. “The main reason I wanted to quit smoking was …..”
  6. Describe your reaction when you first tried SMOKO. 
    1. ex. “The first time I tried SMOKO I……….”
  7. How is SMOKO different than other E-Cigarettes you tried?
    1. ex. “Most of the other e-cigarettes I tried from the supermarket never tasted right.”
    2. ex. “I tried many other e-cigarettes before SMOKO but I always found………”
  8. How has SMOKO changed your life? 
    1. ex. “SMOKO has changed my life in so many ways!  Since I started using SMOKO 3 years ago, my health has improved dramatically.  I am ………”
  9. If you could recommend SMOKO to someone who is still smoking cigarettes, what would you say to them? 
    1. ex. “I would recommend SMOKO to anyone who is still smoking because…..” or
    2. ex. “If you are still smoking, I would recommend SMOKO because…..”
The more video reviews we receive from great customers like you, the more people we can help to get away from smoking cigarettes and leading a healthier and happier life!


Recording your video with a webcam and microphone 

When you are ready to shoot, click the RED "RECORD" Button below.  When you click it you should see another box asking if the program can use your webcam. Click "allow". Your web cam should now start and when your image appears click RECORD in the bottom left to start your SMOKO story. When you are finished click stop. If you are happy with your recording click submit and your video will be sent to us, if you would like to re-record your SMOKO story click retake.  We will be adding a bit of Hollywood magic to each video so don't worry if it's not perfect!


Recording your Video with a phone or camera 

Do you want to use your phone or another device to record your SMOKO story? Once you have made your recording you can email it to hq@smoko.com or use the handy submit form below. 


Submit your Video Testimonial to SMOKO

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