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Two Tank Coils - V-Style Accessories

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Is your SMOKO V-Style Vaporiser no longer giving you that full flavour you expect from your SMOKO E-liquids?
Have you put different flavours in your vaporiser tank and now you seem to be getting a mix of flavours?
Maybe you just want to keep your vaporiser in the best condition possible?
Then it could be time you got a new coil for your vaporiser.

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Replacing your coil is easy and often necessary after a week or two, just follow these easy steps

1) Unscrew the tank from your vaporisers battery, to do this hold the metal collar that says SMOKO.
2) You should now have the tank with the SMOKO metal collar attached separated from the battery.
3) With the tank standing up right (plastic mouth piece face down) twist the metal collar until it separates from the tank.
4) attached to the metal collar you should see the coil attached, this may have e-liquid on it and need to be dried with kitchen roll to unscrew it.
5) unscrew the dried coil and and screw in the replacement coil.
6) attach the collar with new coil to the tank and screw them together
7) screw the tank with the replaced coil to the battery and you are ready to start enjoying your SMOKO V-Style once more.

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