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Getting Started with SMOKO is Easy

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Quit smoking with SMOKO


If you are a smoker now or if you are using another brand of e-cigarettes, getting started with SMOKO is easy! The UK’s Premium E-Cigarette, SMOKO’s amazing flavours and e-liquids are all Made in the UK – unlike the majority of brands that are made in China!


1) Select the Right Flavour – here at SMOKO we have an incredible range of flavours that our customers love. But we wanted to make it really easy for you to pick the right flavour that fits your current brand.


     •  Choose ORIGINAL – if you smoke Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Silk Cut, Stirling, L&M or any other major brand of tailor-made cigarettes
     •  Choose MINT BREEZE – if you smoke any major brand of mint breeze flavoured cigarettes
     •  Choose VIRGINIA ROLLING – if you smoke Amber Leaf, Virginia Rolling, DRUM, Old Navy or any other brand of rolling tobacco
     •  Choose HAVANA – if you smoke Montecristo, Café Crème, Romeo y Julieta, Davidoff, Dunhill, Oliva or any other brand of cigars!


For any customer looking to try some of our other amazing flavours, take a look at the wide range of other flavours in our E-Cigarette Refill Section.


Simply scroll down and select the flavour that is right for you.


2) Select you Trial Period – we have set up some great Starter Kit deals to make it easy for you to choose. So whether you want to dip your toe in or if you are ready to jump straight into the deep end, simply select the Trial Period that suits you best once you have picked your flavour


3) Get Started – Don’t think of this as quitting! Think of it as simply switching to a brand that delivers an amazing smoking sensation without the lingering smell or the tar, that is up to 80% cheaper that what you are smoking now, that has 99% less harmful ingredients that normal cigarettes have and is infinitely more convenient!


So let’s get you started and select your flavour below!

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