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Electronic Cigarette Refills

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Electronic Cigarette Refills

Electronic Cigarette Refills

Buy E-Cigarette Refills for SMOKO E-cigarettes here!  With one of the most extensive range of amazing flavours and nicotine strengths, SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes is the UK Premium Electronic Cigarette Brand.  All of our E-Liquids and Flavours are all Made in the UK!

Remember that using SMOKO can save you up to 80% compared to smoking traditional cigarettes.  The average 20 cigarettes a day smoker could save up to £2,500 every year!

Collect Reward Points - you will receive 5p in SMOKO Credit on select products for every £1 you spend with SMOKO (after any discounts), that can be used to purchase SMOKO on future orders! So get shopping now!
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SMOKO electronic cigarettes weekly deals

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Here at SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes we take our job seriously.  When you try to create a product that will help people to make the biggest lifestyle change in their lives, providing the highest quality product and best customer service available on the market is so very important. 


How We Do Things Differently

When we first started in 2012, we visited the top 15 e-cigarette manufactures in China – where the majority of the world’s e-cigarettes are currently made.  After the ubiquitous factory tours where they showed us all of the production facilities, we only had one request.  Show us where you make your E-Liquids (for E-cigarette refills) and flavours.  For us, this is the most important part of an e-cigarette. 


Of the 15 top factories, not one would show us where the nicotine and flavours were made….. Not 1!  This was a huge eye-opener for us.  Considering the horrible stories you have seen in the media with lead paint being used in toys and tainted baby formula, the quality and control of the most vital part of the e-cigarettes produced was a complete unknown.


So we set out to do things very differently to the rest of the industry. We search for the highest quality ingredients, that are all pharmaceutical-grade and sourced from credible suppliers within the EU. We also needed to find the right formulation of our exclusive flavours.  After months of research and testing and sampling, we found the best product on the market.

Since then, we have ensured that all the ingredients for our E-cigarette refills are tested to surpass all current and proposed standards set in the UK and are all approved by ECITA (the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association – Europe’s leading self-regulating Trade Association). 


Following this rigorous and complicated process is logistically challenging and incredibly expensive, but for our customers, providing the highest quality product was the least we could do. 


And the proof is in the pudding so to speak.  We have had thousands of customers using other major brands of e-cigarettes try SMOKO once and literally have thrown their existing products in the bin!  Now these same customers rave about our product and have become the best advocates!


So by bucking the trend and doing things completely differently to the majority of the brands you can find in grocery and convenience stores, at the petrol station and all over the internet, we are proud to say that all of our E-cigarette refills are Made in the UK!!! 


And why would you want a cheap import from a country where regulation and testing standards are nowhere near the level we have here in the UK?  You wouldn’t order a steak from China would you?  So demand the best from your e-cigarettes and refills.


Best Customer Service

We know how frustrating it is to be let down by a company.  When you products take weeks to arrive if they arrive at all!  Or when you have to wait for 45 minutes listening to terrible hold music trying to get through to an off-shore call centre.


At SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes we strive to deliver the best Customer Service in the following ways:

1)     Our Sales Hotline is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 5:30pm GMT
2)     Our Sales and Customer Support is based in the UK
3)     Any order placed before 3pm is Same Day Dispatch
4)     FREE delivery on all UK orders over £40 and on all International orders over £100
5)     Earn SMOKO Credit on every order placed online or via the SMOKO Sales Hotline – get £1 of SMOKO Credit for every £10 spent


So take advantage of our amazing deals on our SMOKO E-Cigarette Refills today!

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