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SMOKO's Range of E-Liquids are all Made in the UK and are the same liquids we use in the rest of our SMOKO E-Cigarette and VAPE Refills. SMOKO E-Liquids are a great solution for those who have moved on to the Vaporizer technology.

All of our amazing E-Liquids are a perfect 50% PG and 50% VG blend to deliver a realistic smoking sensation and vapour.  Perfect for our own SMOKO V-Style Vapourizer or other larger vapourizers and mods.  

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2 bottles of SMOKO E-Liquids = £6 Each
5 bottles of SMOKO E-Liquids or more = £5 Each

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Not all E-Liquids are made the same

Over the last few years, the introduction of the vaporizer technology and e-liquids has evolved the industry significantly.  Now you can find e-liquids in every grocery, convenience store and petrol station across the UK and on hundreds of websites on the internet.  Many of these brands provide similar claims to providing a healthier alternative to smoking and massive savings.  What most of these brands fail to state is where the e-liquid is manufactured and the testing process they follow.  And that is why SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes E-Liquids are different.


Not Made in China

The vast majority of e-liquids that are sold in today are essentially made in China.  The e-liquid and e-cigarette industry in China is massive and the majority of hardware is all manufactured there.  However, this is an unregulated industry and we have seen first-hand some of the shortcuts that many manufacturers take.  Considering there is no standards or trade associations, the quality of many of the e-liquids that are sold is questionable.


SMOKO’s E-Liquids are Made in the UK

Due to our experiences with various suppliers from China, we needed to do things differently.  We ensure all of our ingredients that are used are sourced from reputable and established suppliers from within the EU, all e-liquids are made and manufactured in the UK and are tested to surpass all current standards established by ECITA (the Electronic Cigarette Industry Association).  Beyond that, these are all the same e-liquids we use in our Premium E-Cigarette Refills.


Our E-Liquids contain the following:
Propylene Glycol, Glycerine and Food Flavouring (used in Cake mixes, salad dressings, soft drinks, popcorn, fat-free ice cream, candy and gum) and Nicotine (the only reason why we smoke!


Incredible Vaping Sensation

We have taken considerable steps to ensure that our customers who have moved toward the vaporizer technology get the most incredible vaping sensation with all of our e-liquids.  Blended with the perfect mix of Propylene Glycol, Glycerine and Food Flavouring to create a luxurious vapour to satisfy the most discerning consumer.


Use Cautiously and in Moderation

Many companies will not tell you how much e-liquid you should be using because they want you to use as much of their product as possible.  We believe that anyone using our E-Cigarettes or E-Liquids should do so with cautiously and in moderation.  We suggest that 4 to 7 puffs on a SMOKO E-Cigarette is sufficiently equivalent to 1 traditional cigarette.  With our vapourizers and E-Liquids, 3 to 5 puffs should be sufficient.  Do not over use!! 


We see so many vapers now days with massive batteries with variable voltages and massive tanks using their vapourizers constantly and some of them using up to 1 x 10ml bottle every 2 or 3 days.  This, in our opinion is completely excessive and potentially dangerous as they are increasing their nicotine consumption by 2x, 3x and even 5x to what they were consuming previously.  Please take caution in using any E-Cigarette, Vapourizer or E-Liquid. 


Used properly, you can enjoy the nicotine you did previously without all of the extra chemicals and carcinogens while saving a small fortune and improving your life significantly.

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