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Electronic Cigarette Vapourizer

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Electronic Cigarette Vapourizer

Electronic Cigarette Vapourizer

Everything you need SWITCH from your current habit and get started with SMOKO.

The SMOKO V-Style Electronic Cigarette Vapourizer is a sleek design with no spill tanks allowing you to take them anywhere with no fear of spillage unlike some vapourizer.  Designed to be used with SMOKO's premium UK-made E-liquids it is everything you need to move towards an amazing alternative to what you are currently doing!

So what are you waiting for?  Make the SWITCH to SMOKO today!
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Want a Change - Introducing the SMOKO V-Style E-Cigarette

SMOKO is the UK's Premium E-Cigarettes and has been helping our customers to lead happier and healthier lives for over 5 years!


For most smokers, there comes a point when they need to make a major change and either quit smoking or find an alternative to suit thier lifestyle.  For thousands fo people in the UK and around the world, SMOKO has been that alternative.  No smell, no tar or 2nd hand smoke, SMOKO is a game-changing product that works for many smokers.

Introducing the new SMOKO V-Style E-Cigarette - an amazing product that:


- delivers a realistic smoking sensation,

- has 4 simple ingredients that are made from the highest quality, UK-Made ingredients (most e-cigarettes use Chinese-made ingredients), 

- completely eliminates the nasty smell that smoking has and,

- for someone who smokes a pack a day will cost between £1.50 and £2.00 per day


So if you have been thinking about making a change, perhaps the SMOKO V-Style Electronic Cigarette is the right choice!



SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit

The SMOKO V-Style E-Cigarette Starter Kit


SMOKO's V-Style E-Cigarette Starter Kit has been designed to provide a satisfying smoke-like sensation while still being quite stylish. It's powerful, easy to use and relatively low maintenance. Designed by ex-smokers to help people who smoke to move towards an alternative to their current habit. 


What you will get with your SMOKO V-Style E-Cigarette Starter Kit:


1 x SMOKO V-Style Rechargeable Battery
1 x Refillable Tank (1.9ml capacity)
1 x USB Charging Cable
Stylish designer metal case


When you add some of the UK-Made E-Liquids by SMOKO, you will have everything you need to make the switch to the UK's Premium E-Cigarette Brand.



How does the SMOKO V-Style E-Cigarette work?


The SMOKO V-Style Electronic Cigarette has been designed to deliver a realistic smoking sensation, consistent vapour and amazing taste with every puff!   


The SMOKO V-Style is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and uses the re-fillable Tanks to be used with SMOKO's famous E-Liquids (Made in the UK).  When you fill up the Tank and press the button, this vapourizes the E-Liquids to deliver a consistent and satisfying smoke-like vapour!  Compact, relatively easy to use and provides a realistic smoking sensation - what more could you ask for?




What are the real Benefits of Smoking?


This is a really tough question!  When we have asked our customers, no one was able to come up with 3 benefits of smoking traditional cigarettes.  Put another way, try and come up with 3 positive impacts that cigarettes have on your life…..  impossible to answer right?

However, people have many reasons why they still smoke. 


Stress Relief – it is a well-known fact that nicotine has can have a relaxing effect for some people.  When many people are faced with a stressful situation, their first reaction is to reach for a cigarette.  You can see the relief on their faces when they take that first drag.  After a long flight or a long day at work, you see the masses running towards the nearest smoking area.  But the major problem with their current source of nicotine is it is wrapped up with 4,000 other chemicals and 50 things that have categorically been linked to causing cancer.  So it becomes a very big price to pay for a bit of stress relief.


The Cool Factor - Gone are the days when smoking was considered cool.  We all know the devastating impact smoking has on our health and the nasty smell it leaves on our clothes and breath, but not many people would consider smoking to have the “cool factor” that it may have had 30 or 40 years ago.  And now when you see someone huddling outside in the pouring rain and cold to have a cigarette, cool may not be the first descriptive word that would spring to mind.


It’s Habit - Most of us smoke unconsciously out of habit.  We have been doing it for years and it is part of your daily routine.  Apart from breathing, blinking and walking, smoking is one of the most frequently repeated actions a smoker will do – especially if they are on 30 or 40 cigarettes a day!  Most of the time we don’t even think about what we are doing because it is so ingrained in your mind.  But habits can be changed.  Many psychologists claim a new habit can be learned within 30 days.  All it takes is a bit of willpower and conscious thought and we can do anything.


Maintaining Weight - Many people do it to maintain their weight and suppress their appetite.  Every time they have quit in the past, they have resorted to substituted eating food to replace the hand-to-mouth action of smoking.  And most of the time those snacks tend to be junk food!  It’s no wonder that the weight piles on quickly. 


Social Interaction - Finally, some people claim to smoke for the social element.  Unfortunately, with the introduction of strict anti-smoking laws which ban smoking in public places mean that you need to remove yourself from the social environment to enjoy your fix.  So instead of enjoying a drink with your mates at the pub and having a laugh, many people find themselves spending the majority of their night standing outside in the rain!


All of these may be reasons but when weighed against the cons, the negative aspects of smoking can far outweigh these perceived benefits listed above.  Terrible for our health, exorbitant and constantly increasing cost, nasty and lingering smell and incredibly inconvenient all add up to a very hefty list of reason not to smoke.


So with SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes, Vapourizer and E-Liquids, you still get the nicotine and its effects, realistic smoking sensation, 4 simple ingredients and legal to use in most public places, you still get everything you want from smoking but in a cleaner, healthier, cheaper and more convenient manner.


Why not change that habit and do something different – Try SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes today!



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