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E Cigarette Starter Kit + 4 Packs of Refills + Extra Battery

Quick Overview

While many brands of e-cigarettes that you find in grocery and convenience stores, petrol stations and sold online generally use Chinese-made ingredients, SMOKO is one of the only E-Cigarette brands that ensures all of our ingredients and flavours are of the highest quality and are all Made in the UK!

With no smell, no 2nd hand smoke and at a fraction of the cost of traditional cigarettes, The SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a great alternative to your current habit.  Since we started over 6 years ago, we have prevented over 100,000,000 cigarettes being smoked and saved our customers over £40M in extra disposable income.  So you are making a very smart decision!

Your SMOKO Starter Kit Deal includes:

1 x SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit which includes:
1 x SMOKO Rechargeable Battery
2 x SMOKO Flavour Refills (select your flavour below)
1 x USB charger
1 x Designer Metal Case with brushed metal finish

PLUS you will also receive:
4 x Packs of Refills (equivalent to 800 cigarettes of nicotine - select your flavours below)
1 x Extra SMOKO Rechargeable Battery

This is our most popular e-cigarette starter kit.  It contains everything you need to start enjoying the SMOKO E Cigarette experience!  Please note that because of the already amazing price, additional discounts or codes cannot be used on this product.

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Original - (2.0%) - E-Cigarette Starter Kit + 4 Packs Of Refills + Extra Battery

Regular Price: £80.95

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Virginia Rolling - (2.0%) - E-Cigarette Starter Kit + 4 Packs Of Refills + Extra Battery

Regular Price: £80.95

Special Price: £44.99

Mint Breeze - (2.0%) - E-Cigarette Starter Kit + 4 Packs Of Refills + Extra Battery

Regular Price: £80.95

Special Price: £44.99

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SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit



    The SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kit is an amazing product for those looking to switch from smoking cigarettes to a more affordable and convenient alternative.  Designed with a timeless style and super easy to use e-cigarette system, this is ideal for someone trying e-cigarettes for the first time or for someone using another e-cigarette brand. 

    Public Health England recently stated that “e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes”.  Not surprising when you consider SMOKO only contains 4 ingredients – Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine (common ingredients in soft drinks, candy, gum, ice cream and cake mixes), Food Flavouring (found in almost everything we eat) and Nicotine (which is the only reason why we smoke).

    An average pack-a-day smoker will be more than satisfied using 1 SMOKO Refill per day.  When compared to spending upwards of £9.50/pack for a major tobacco brand, switching to SMOKO could save you over £2,700 every year. 

    Easy to use, compact and sleek design, amazing taste and a realistic smoking sensation, what more could you desire!


    SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes are different from the other e-cigarettes on the market!  SMOKO delivers a realistic smoking sensation without any of the 4,000 chemicals or 50 known carcinogens that make cigarettes so bad for us.  SMOKO only contains the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and flavours that are all Made In The UK!  Each SMOKO Refills contains the same amount of nicotine as 35 to 40 cigarettes. 

    • o No tobacco or 2nd hand smoke
      o No lingering smell
      o Up to 80% cheaper than normal cigarettes
      o Easy to use, quick to recharge
  • Electronic Cigarettes made in the UKElectronic Cigarette Starter Kit from SMOKO

    Your SMOKO Premium E-Cigarette Starter Kit comes with:

    1 x SMOKO E-Cigarette Rechargeable Battery
    Your SMOKO Battery powers your e-cigarette and delivers a realistic smoking sensation that is even better than the real thing

    1 x handy USB Charger
    A small and compact USB Charging devise that is capable of re-charging your SMOKO E-Cigarette Battery in about 2 hours.  Plugs into any USB port on a laptop, phone charger and so much more – so you can recharge anywhere.

    2 x Flavour Refills
    Our Flavour Refills contain our exclusive SMOKO E-Liquid and Flavours that are all Made in the UK!  Te vast majority of e-cigarette brands use Chinese made ingredients!

    1 x Designer Metal Case
    With its timeless design, our E-Cigarette Case keeps all of your SMOKO E-Cigarettes in one handy location.  
    4 x Packs Of Refills of your choice
    Each pack contains of 5 x SMOKO E Cigarette Refills the equivalent of approximately 200 cigarettes of nicotine.

    1 x Extra SMOKO Rechargeable Battery





Amazing taste, with the same nicotine hit you crave but none of the nasties you get with a normal cigarette - no harmful chemicals, no tar, no smell on your breath or clothes and best of all - because it is water vapour, it is legal to use in most public places.....down at the pub, hanging out at the bar, working hard in the office, shaking it in the club, watching the game, sitting on a train, waiting to catch a plane... you get the picture.

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