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E-Cig Accessories

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E-Cig Accessories

SMOKO Electronic Cigarette Accessories

We stock a wide range of e-cigarette accessories to keep you enjoying your SMOKO when you are on the go! Get extra rechargeable batteries, USB Chargers and UK and EU Mains adaptors. And more exciting accessories are on the way!

And remember, you can earn SMOKO Reward Credit as you shop with SMOKO to redeem for more products in the future!

We always recommend using SMOKO e-cigarette accessories in-conjunction with all of our SMOKO E-Cigarettes, Vapourizers and E-Liquids.  Non-SMOKO e-cigarette accessories have not been tested to the same stringent levels as our accessories.

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Using E-Cigarettes as they are designed to be Used

There has been a growing amount of negative press relating to e-cigarettes that malfunction and even blow up.  The majority of instances of malfunction tend to relate to the use of improperly tested e-cigarettes or vapourizers coupled with cheap and imitation e-cigarette accessories.  We would also guess that these items had been left on charge beyond the recommended charging time and even worse, plugged into an already overloaded and cheap plug board! 


We always recommend the following steps to ensure you enjoy your SMOKO E-Cigarettes and associated products:

1)     Only use approved e-cigarette accessories with SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes
2)     Never use cheap or imitation charging devises or accessories with ANY E-Cigarette.  All of our product line is tested to work with the approved accessories.  Using unapproved or untested items may have issues with the future performance of your SMOKO products

3)     Only charge Batteries as outlined in the Product Instruction Manuals.  With SMOKO’s E-Cigarettes and Vapourizers, you should only charge the batteries for up to 2 hours maximum.
4)     Never Over Charge you Batteries
5)     Never leave batteries on charge without supervision
6)     Only use SMOKO E-Cigarette Refills and E-Liquids with SMOKO E-Cigarettes and Vapourizers – never use cheap imitation products
7)     Replace your batteries every 3 months for best performance


SMOKO Premium E-Cigarettes are an Alternative to Smoking and are not designed as a Smoking Cessation Product

Unfortunately there are no magic solutions or products that will universally help everyone to quit smoking. There are numerous smoking cessation products that have worked for many people but not for others.  However, no matter what you try, it is so important to continue to try everything you can until you kick the smoking habit.


Smoking cigarettes is the leading preventable cause of death known to man!  Over 6,000,000 people die every year as a direct result of smoking.  According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. 


SMOKO has been designed to provide an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Providing a realistic smoking sensation with an amazing range of flavours, SMOKO is definitely a better alternative to the 4,000 chemicals and 50 carcinogens that you consume with every cigarette.  SMOKO does however contain nicotine which is the main reason why anyone smokes. 


Even though we can’t claim that SMOKO will help you quit smoking, using SMOKO can help you eliminate many of those chemicals and carcinogens that make cigarettes so devastating.  We have also designed many of our E-Cigarette Refills with varying nicotine strengths, so in theory, you could consciously work towards cutting down on the nicotine you consume by transitioning over a period of time to the lower nicotine levels.  This is similar to how nicotine patches and gum are designed. 


Willpower, self-control and self-motivation are some of the biggest factors in wanting to make the most important lifestyle change.  Even deciding to switch to SMOKO is a massive step in the right direction.  We suggest using any of our products cautiously and in moderation and with a clear goal in mind – removing tar and the other 4,000 chemicals and carcinogens that you used to find in cigarettes from your life forever. From E-Cigarette to E-Cigarette Refills, to E-Cigarette accessories our products are designed to help you switch to a healthier lifestyle and save money at the same time!


Want to share you SMOKO Success Story – go to Testimonials and share your experience people who are still struggling with smoking!  Help us continue to change the lives of people around the world!

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