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NHS’ Stoptober Recommending E-Cigarettes For the First Time

NHS’ Stoptober Recommending E-Cigarettes For the First Time

t's that time of year again when the leaves are starting to turn, the chill in the air is getting more biting and the NHS’ annual Stoptober event is about to start. This year though there has been a big change, for the first time the government-run campaign is recommending e-cigarettes as an effective way to quit.

For those who don't know Stoptober is a month long campaign to encourage people stop smoking. Over the years more than 1.5 million people have tried to quit during the event. This will be the 6th year for the campaign, and for the first time they will focus on e-cigarettes and how they help can help people like yourself to kick the habit for good.

The reason for this change is simple, e-cigarettes help people quit.

In last year's study of Stobtober they found that over half (53%) the people who tried to quit used e-cigarettes. This makes electronic cigarettes the most popular tool by far.

But what really helped persuade the organisers of Stoptober were the amount of people who were successful. Last year over 20% of people who participated in Stoptober successfully quit, the highest quit rate on record!

Though the researchers stressed that there were a number of factors in this rise of successful quitters, the fact that e-cigarettes were the most common tool used by people and the highest quit rate achieved can't be ignored.

That's why in this year's adverts and information booklets e-cigarettes will be pride of place. What makes this even better is that currently vaping isn't allowed in adverts!

Another encouraging piece of news from the study on last year's Stobtober was the type of people who quit. As we've talked about before the rich have stopped smoking, while the poor haven't. That's why it was great to see the amount of people from lower income families who were able to quit was on the rise (with the help of e-cigarettes).

So if you want to take part in Stoptober and see if you can make the switch for good, why not try one of our starter kits?

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