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A New Study proves E-Cigarettes are not a Gateway to smoking for Teens

A New Study proves E-Cigarettes are not a Gateway to smoking for Teens

Some more good news came out recently in support of e-cigarettes! It has now been proven (again) that e-cigs DON'T act as a gateway to actual smoking.

The largest study of its kind has recently been released which shows that only 3% of teens use e-cigs, and the vast majority of those smoked cigarettes before.

The study drew from 5 of the biggest studies to date, including one from Public Health England, showed that the few teenagers who did try e-cigs didn't continue to use them, and certainly didn't move on to cigarettes.


The Study

The study focused on the UK and included data from 60,000 teenagers, with ages ranging from 11 to 16.

It found that although the number of people trying e-cigs has gone up slightly over the years (probably due to their rise in popularity) the actual percentage of teenagers using them has stayed steady.

In fact over the last few years only 1% of all teenagers actually use them regularly (which in this study meant once a week). And most of those teenagers were already smoking before trying e-cigarettes.

Only 0.1% of those who use had never smoked before used e-cigarettes regularly. Which even the author of the study said this is statistically "negligible".

To put that in perspective,of the 60,000 teenagers who were asked, 600 of them use an e-cig once a month. Out of those 600 only 60 of those didn't smoke before.

And another piece of good news came out of this study - the amount of children smoking is on a declining. In fact 2016 was the lowest recorded amount of child smokers!


What Does This Mean?

So this study supports our theory that e-cigarettes as a gateway for children to start smoking tobacco is wrong.

Children aren't flocking to e-cigarettes as some people believed and the amount of children using them is miniscule. More importantly the rate of children and teens using e-cigarettes is not going up, even as the popularity of e-cigarette use with adult smokers rises. Even as more and more adults start using e-cigarettes, children are not.

E-Cigarettes are also not making smoking seem "cool" either. If that was the affect surely the number of children smoking would be going up, not continuing to decline.

Of course this doesn't mean that children should be using e-cigarettes. But the new laws on e-cigarettes prohibits under 18's from buying e-cigarettes and limitations on advertising go a long way to stop this as well.

Children will always want to experiment, but even the few who can get around the new rules (as they seem to be able to do with cigarettes) just don't stick with it.

So if you are over 18 or have adult kids who are smokers and are ready to switch to a healthier alternative, why not check out our starter kits?


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