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SMOKO is looking for amazing Affiliate Partners!

SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes are looking for great people just like you to promote our brand and save lives


SMOKO is looking for Affiliate Partners just like you!

Do you run an awesome website?

Are you a Blogger with crazy followers?

Maybe you have a Twitter fan base who say "how high" when you say "jump"??  

Then we have something great to for you.  



- help impact the lives of your peeps and help them save over £2,500 every year

- SMOKO is the UK's Premium Electronic Cigarette

- SMOKO has the highest quality products with amazing flavours and e-liquids that are Made in the UK - not China like 95% of the other brands in the market

- SMOKO is not owned or funded by a Tobacco company 

- Earn an amazing 15% commissions on their initial purchase AND on EVERY purchase they make with SMOKO forever!

- Demand for e-cigs is huge and the market is growing at rapid rate!


How we support our Affiliates

- we give you personilzed links, codes and widgets to help spread the word

- cool and new imagery and content on a regular basis

- bespoke content and imagery is possible

- new and exciting offers on a regular basis

- discount codes and vanity codes can be provided 

- special offers and promotions for your networks


How To Spread the Word

How to share your SMOKO Electronic Cigarette message

Become an Affiliate

Simply complete the Affiliate Form here Register to Join Affiliate Program and our team will review your website, blog or whatever you do to ensure we are a good fit and come back to you as soon as possible to get you started and earning some great commissions!

Should you encounter any issues using our submission form please email marketing@smoko.com and we will be happy to help you.

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